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Hilang Child Releases New Album Every Mover Out Now Via Bella Union + Shares New Video For “Pesawat Aeroplane (English)” | Album Feature

January 8, 2021
photocredit: Elliot Tatler

Hilang Child Releases New Album Every Mover Out Now Via Bella Union + Shares New Video For “Pesawat Aeroplane (English)”

To celebrate the release of his new album Every Mover, out today on Bella Union, Hilang Child has shared a visually stunning video for the track “Pesawat Aeroplane (English)”.

The video utilises drone footage shot in Indonesia supplied by Tobias Brent and Lifted Imaging and edited by Hilang Child to create something beautiful and otherworldly.

Of the video Ed Riman aka Hilang Child says: With the song being loosely about my dad moving to the other side of the world, when writing it I kept envisioning that first plane journey he’d have taken and the view from the window as it passed above the landscape. I used those visions as the basis for the song’s visual, imagining those scenes as if they appeared in a distant memory, or a dream.”

Hilang Child’s new album has been a highly anticipated release, following the few tracks that Hilang Child dropped ahead of the official release.

Every Mover is a crucial record destined to devour us, to wake up our emotional tendencies, and to provide an entire world to lose ourselves within.

1. Good To Be Young

2. Shenley

3. Seen The Boreal

4. King Quail

5. Pesawat Aeroplane (English)

6. The Next Hold

7. Play ‘til Evening

8. Magical Fingertip

9. Anthropic (Cold Times)

10. Earthborne

11. Steppe

Hilang Child has crafted a painstakingly beautiful album, one that will enrich our lives time and time again. The 11 track album showcases Hilang Child’s progression as one of the most vital artists. Every Mover portrays this ambitious development, an artist utilizing the best of experimental attributes and a bold vision. Defying the norm to create a vast and ethereal atmosphere that clings on to his nurtured and natural path that leads the direction.

As the record flows, you are introduced to “King Quail”, immediately the sumptuous melodies on offer in this composition will hook you.  Hilang Child provides a piece of orchestration that will move you. Another stunning arrangement that conveys that unique charm and provides a euphoric emotion within the exploration. Delicate yet desirable vocal harmonies harness all the power of this release. Emotion runs to the core of this composition and the delivery allows the listener to embrace such emotion.

Magical Fingertip provides a visionary turn, with what feels like a softer angle, a few notes in the track dynamically alters and the atmosphere develops until this far-reaching instrumentation is present. This fierce energy can be found as the compelling layers continue to build on one another, creating this dense but daring aura. Continuously building the foundations with various electronic elements, notes, ardent beats and keys, every addition joins the arrangement adding to the monstrous soundscape on offer. The vocals follow a path of unpredictability as they find themselves joining the layers, manipulating the outcome, and creatively adapting the honest lyrics.

Hurtling towards the final few tracks on the album, Hilang Child restores hope within the deeply compelling compositions, with Anthropic (Cold Times), the stunning arrangement conveys that charm and that euphoric emotion. You feel the energy from Hilang Child in the captivating crescendo of this beautiful track. Infectious melodies move you.

Earthborne is a harrowing journey. Hilang Child breaks the intensity that came before to provide a raw and tender composition, capturing the emotion within the fragility of the lyrics and the consuming vocal harmony.

A deeply reflective, yet cathartic release to embrace in its entirety. First week into a new year and Hilang Child has released a truly visionary record that we can connect with. Hiland Child has perfected the ability to develop a truly immersive release, filled with moments of crushing electronica, honest and humble harmonics, dreamy landscapes and a touch of magic.


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