GUCCIHIGHWATERS Releases New Song and Video ‘hold somebody’ Featuring Powfu

January 13, 2021
Photo Credit: Benjamin Lieber

GUCCIHIGHWATERS Releases New Song and Video ‘hold somebody’ Featuring Powfu

Forthcoming album ‘jokes on you’ out digitally 22nd January
via Epitaph Records


GUCCIHIGHWATERS releases new song and video ‘hold somebody’ featuring Powfu.

Singer/producer guccihighwaters has released his poignant new single “hold somebody” featuring viral sensation Powfu, the mastermind behind the platinum certified and inescapable summer smash deathbed (coffee for my head).”The track is the latest from guccihighwaters’ forthcoming full-length album, jokes on you, out January 22 on Epitaph Records, and is accompanied by a music video showcasing snapshots of a couple attending a high school prom that spirals into chaos as guccihighwaters performs as the front man of a band hired to perform at the event

CLICK HERE to pre-order the vinyl release of jokes on youvinyl, out July 16 on Epitaph Records.   

Despite his recent success, which has him poised for pop stardom, Morgan Murphy, who creates under the moniker guccihighwaters, hasn’t always embraced attention or popularity. In fact, he was and often still is an introverted and sensitive soul. “I was very shy…I didn’t say much. I was always nervous to be in social situations,” Murphy confesses. However, when he uncovered the ability to namelessly create on internet, a feeling of freedom came over him and he found a sense of belonging, admitting that “it was like a secret party that I just discovered.” This breakthrough was monumental to the creation and success of guccihighwaters. 

As Murphy made “friends” at that “party,” he used his tenacious ebb and flow storytelling style, his unwavering passion for perfection and a blue-collar work ethic – all of which can be attributed to his emigration from Limerick, Ireland to Long Beach, New York at age fifteen – to cultivate and shape an eager and vibrant fanbase of nearly 1 million monthly listeners and over 168 million streams on Spotify who all subscribe to his community approach to emotional connection.

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