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Graywave Set To Release New Single “Before” January 15th | Single Review

January 11, 2021

Graywave Set To Release New Single “Before” January 15th

The new single by Graywave, ‘Before’, is set for release January 15th and is taken from forthcoming highly-anticpated debut EP release “Planetary Shift”.

Before’ tackles the subject of anxiety and the feeling of regression. It is about the realization that you cannot always escape negative feelings and events. This song was a way to express how I feel when I get particularly anxious and start thinking about all the negativesin my life and the world – expressing that through lyrics and music really helped me deal with it.”

“Before” is a belter, distinguished by the dark gothic reverb ridden aura that entices Graywave to add dramatic yet dazzling vocals. Graywave immediately emits her unique characteristics from the contrasting harmonies, this dark arrangement fights with gloomy but lasting lyrics. It’s a fierce track that pulls you into its own force, Graywave fuels this colossal angst from within and connects to the audience that they too carry the heaviness of this artists’ projection. The captivating yet crushing compositions delves into a quick-paced frenzy and pushes the composition into a damning and destructive intense crescendo, the elongated vocal notes, brash tones, and the abrasive kit propel their efforts into this blazing inferno finale.

A striking single that delivers drama, destruction, and a touch of tenderness, the bleakness crashes with the softer appeal that reflects in the monumental vocals. This industrial atmosphere pelts it’s audience into expansive chaos. A ferocious alt anthem fusing doom-laden immersive instrumentation with this pounding bold energy.

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