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Glass Peaks Share New Track ‘By My Side’ + Announce Headline Show

January 24, 2021




London based Glass Peaks have just announced their biggest headline show to date – which sees them head back to their home turf of South London at Peckham Audio on Saturday 5th June 2021. To celebrate the news the band have released new single ‘By My Side’ – an eighties cinematic synth driven track which sees the band working as a duo for the first time. ‘By My Side’ has taken Glass Peaks down a darker alt-indie route like never before when it comes to their music, as they invite a more electronic sound to their song-writing. 

“I suppose in its simplest form, the song is about longing or yearning for a feeling of normality. It’s about wishing things could go back to the way they once were. It can be interpreted or wrapped up in many different ways, but when I wrote the lyrics, I was just thinking about how much 2020 has changed things that I once took for granted. Playing live shows, meeting up with friends and family, attending social events etc… It just made me realise how much I desperately want to feel the thrill of those things again. The track also touches upon the frustrations in how the whole pandemic was dealt with by our ‘leaders’. I’m so sick of the mixed messaging and the fear mongering surrounding it. Everyone has a part to play to get things right; but it’s all just shrouded in noise and conspiracy nonsense. We’re going to look back on this year and want to wipe it from our memories, in most cases; however, I do think that we have a lot to learn from everything that’s happened, and that is something we can take away as a positive.”  – Alfie Jefferies (vocals) 

Glass Peaks capture their powerful energy which shines throughout “By My Side”, the new single exudes this life-affirming 80’s style emotional ballad. A hit that whirls around you delivering this bittersweet melodic composition, filled with a complex hook and delicate vocals producing these honest lyrics.

Glass Peaks presented their debut EP ‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side of the Window’ at the start of 2020, which saw the band gain praise from tastemakers Bring the Noize, Mystic Sons, When The Horn Blows, and The Most Radicalist alongside support from BBC Introducing and Hoxton Radio. Like many, Glass Peaks have been hit with the struggles of Covid-19 and its impact on the music industry – with a headline show and a number of festival appearances cancelled. However this hasn’t put a stop to the band’s creative flow, bouncing ideas while on lockdown to late night socially distanced sessions in their practice space has led to an arsenal of new tracks to unleash onto their audience – the first taster from those sessions was previous indie-anthem ‘Lift Me’, with ‘By My Side’ being the next – the first song written by the band as a duo. 

“Writing as a two piece presents both positive outcomes alongside its own set of new challenges. Bands are a democracy; so when one person has a very solid and strong idea of where they want to go, having two other people to bounce back and forth feedback etc can be a good thing because it allows for some compromise whilst retaining the originality of the initial idea. Working as a two piece can be slightly more challenging because when two very big creative personalities come together, you’re trying to cram as much of those into one cohesive thing. It can be a bit of a square-peg-round-hole situation sometimes. On the flipside of that, real magic can happen when writing as a two piece because the workflow is fast, exciting and raw. We’ve ended up starting to write one song in a certain style and then have it completely change by the end of the session (for the better). It’s trial and error for sure, but when you get the balance just right, it’s super rewarding.”

‘By My Side’ is out out now via all major streaming platforms. 

Having started 2020 on a high with a sold out evening at the stunning London venue St Pancras Old Church – this headline show will be their first in almost eighteen months, where the band will be ready to open a passion fueled box of new material and remind people of their intense live performances. 

Glass Peaks will headline Peckham Audio on Saturday 5th June 2021, tickets are on sale now and are available here

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