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ĠENN Release New Single ‘Feel’

January 28, 2021

ĠENN Release New Single ‘Feel

Taken From ‘Liminal’ EP 

Set for release 30th March via Everything Sucks Music

ĠENN have released a new single ‘Feel’ from their forthcoming EP ‘Liminal’, which will be out via London independent label Everything Sucks Music (GHUM, Honey Joy, Charmpit) on 30th March.

Vocalist Leona Farrugia says of ‘Feel’: “Musically, the song was inspired by The Doors and Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ – it’s drone-centred and infused with psychedelic elements, giving space for the vocals to shine through. It culminates in a shoegazey bridge that showcases our love for experimentation, 70’s music and jamming. The lyrics personify a relationship with drugs and the dependency that stems from that sense of escapism.”

Each track the outfit share, taken from their forthcoming record, obliterate. “Feel” embraces the slower tempo and the desirable far-reaching atmosphere that is created from the offset. A momentous arrangement, the band fixates on this addictive loop which becomes this fierce flair for the track. This outfit skillfully crafts impressive and addictive hooks into their vision, this abrasive beat fights against the harmonious vocal notes that weave throughout each turn of this mighty composition. Despite the track being softer than that which has come before, there is still this punk energy found in the entire recording, Ġenn will leave you in awe, they’ve captured their energetic force and deliver a raw and honest lyrical journey.

ĠENN (pronounced Jenn) is a trans-national, genre-blending, musical riot, ready to rock your ears and mess with your brain. They’re serving alternative post-punk madness with a fun twist, fresh out of their DIY framework and are based out of Brighton. The quartet is completed by Janelle Borg (guitar), Leanne Zammit (bass) and Sofia Rosa Cooper (drums). Together they’ve been shaking audiences to the core with their infectious tunes, and with the honest, relatable themes they attack in their tracks.

‘23rd March’ was the first track to be revealed from the record late last year and was very much inspired by the turbulent events of March 2020. In spite of its trials, 2020 proved to be a very fruitful year for ĠENN, with BBC Introducing The South, Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music) and Glastonbury Festival championing the band. ĠENN were also chosen as one of 30 European bands to represent Malta and the UK at the Music Europe Day 2020 online festival organised by the European Union and the publication Europavox, as well as one of the semi-finalists for the GRAMMY-endorsed, NYC-based e-festival Listen to Womxn. On top of all that, the band were one of the first 50 artists to be announced for The Great Escape Festival in 2021.

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