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Gary, Indiana Share New Single + Video “Alien 3”- Out Now Via Fire Talk Records

January 29, 2021
Photo credit: Will Shields 


Share new single & video “Alien 3”
Out now via Fire Talk Records

After signing to Fire Talk Records last year, Gary, Indiana are back with their blend of post-punk, noise & electronics with new single “Alien 3“.

Speaking about the new track, the band said “‘Alien 3’ is a dark tale of violence, defiance and rebellion. The words, almost whispered and monotone, are a declaration of power: I know what you’re doing, the victim says; but I won’t be on my knees anymore.”

On the visuals, Scott Fair of the band, who also created the video said “I saw a clip of the video game Mosh Pit Simulator a while back and found it to be both very disturbing and very funny, and I loved that reaction so that was a jumping off point for the ‘Alien 3’ video. I used free software called Blender to make most of the animations, it’s all completely new to me so I was like a kid in a sweet shop wanting to try everything and having fun with it. The other major component of the video is computer game glitches. Some true abominations are created when computer games go wrong and it’s utterly captivating.”

A visually striking composition, the beat, and the angular effects all provide this immense emotional connection to the audience. This band craft such a mighty and complex soundscape, the boisterous drum cymbals crashing alongside the chaotic synth waves and the godly tone, this urgent effort can easily stir up levels of anxiety, rage, or even wonderment. This band will define and direct your emotions during the 6-minute release and the ability to let yourself succumb to this kaleidoscopic ensemble provides an enthralling absolution.

Ferocious and complex guitar notes add to the flurry of the composition. The expansive guitar rhythms cultivating the chaos that consumes the audience within the soundscape. Caulfield’s distinct and desirable vocals give this contrasting calmness to the frantic exploration consuming you, the vocal notes provide this compelling hook.

Gary, Indiana are right now, easily one of the most vicious acts around, they effortlessly craft and sustain such powerful creations capturing their bold and infectious energy whilst exuding their punk attitude.

Gary, Indiana founding members Scott Fair and Valentine Caulfield met when their previous bands shared a bill at Aatma, a venue in the heart of Manchester’s thriving DIY music scene. The visceral punk poetry style of Caulfield’s vocals – delivered in her native French – stuck in Fair’s mind and when both of their projects ended some months later the two started discussing ideas. After witnessing liberating experimental sets at venues such as The White Hotel, Aatma, The Peer Hat and Studio B they began writing together with a view to capturing some of the excitement they were surrounded by and warp it with their own idiosyncrasies. The duo found a third missing piece in Liam Stewart (percussion), whose past as a touring member of Lonelady made perfect sense encompassing the band’s forward-thinking electronic gaze.

Entirely self-produced with minimal mixing and deliberately recorded in industrial spaces that speak to the raw intensity that is integral to the trio’s music, the band also draws on both the macabre filmmaking of Gaspar Noe and Leos Carax as well as the influence of old videos on MTV2, VH1 and Kerrang, paying specific attention to the way visuals lend themselves to create a deep dive into a whole new world. Within the carefully stitched-together and spliced found-footage montages that make up their music videos, every image feels intentional and all the band’s entangled elements of post-punk, noise and electronics combine into a singular cathartic experience. Much like peak ravetime where music, lighting, and physical proximity collide into a feeling greater than the sum of its parts, Gary, Indiana seek to replicate the necessity of being here and now and unable to look away. In these unprecedented times where live gigging isn’t possible, they continue to find new ways to continue to create an absorbing sonic landscape, and are currently crafting an engaging VR set. 

Still in the beginning stages of their career with only three singles to their name, Nike of Samothrace“, “Pashto” and “Berlin” the band recalls the ever-evolving soundscapes of bands such as Girl Band, Housewives or Giant Swan and are currently recording new music for later releases this year.


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