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Frank Iero And The Future Violents – “Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place” EP Review | Richard Wright

January 19, 2021

Frank Iero and The Future Violents – “Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place”

EP Out Now Via UNFD Records | EP Review

From the first few guitar notes on “Violence”, the opening track on the newest effort from Frank Iero and The Future Violents, the channeling of Kyuss-esque Desert Rock instrumental vibes is obvious and incredibly welcomed, twinged with the unmistakable mid-2000’s emo that made us
fall in love with My Chemical Romance, and glued together with a solid foundation in punk.

It’s hard to separate Frank from his MCR days with the vocal styles on “Heaven is a place…” but the instrumentation, heavy use of chugging, ferocious riffs, and melody certainly has its own personality throughout. Frank’s erratic vocal style is complimented by hushed backing vocals that sound like Alison Mosshart whispering to you from the room next door.

This EP isn’t a throwback however, but something more grown-up and an altogether different beast. Next, you’re thrown headfirst into the stand out track on the EP, Verging on Hardcore Punk at times, with the guttural vocals on “Sewerwolf” being reminiscent of Frank Carter at his most furious, this track is surely one for the pit at 2000 Trees or Slam Dunk Festival. The eccentric and powerful vocal lines on “Sewerwolf” are layered perfectly with heavy, distortion riddled guitars. The collection of pounding riffs and emotion really help you travel into the mind of Frank and give this song a character that wouldn’t go missing next to Converge or Dillinger Escape Plan.

Halfway through the 4 track EP you find yourself captivated by a cover of “Losing My Religion”, the instantly recognizable REM mandolin riff, with Frank Iero plucking the heartstrings alongside it with his soft and meaningful vocals. It’s an odd choice to throw a cover, especially such a well-known track, onto an already short EP, but Frank et al pull this off with aplomb and it’s a pleasant surprise in an already fresh-sounding effort.

EP closer, the aptly named “Record Ender”, is a 6 and a half minute long ode to every huge sounding track written by his peers. Swinging between Death Cab For Cutie style arpeggiated guitar chords, stretched-out basslines, soothing synth backing lines, and a huge chorus you can hear a stadium bellowing back to the band. It’s brave to put such a long track at the end of an EP, but this shows what Iero is capable of, capturing an emotion, it feels like he’s grabbing you by the scruff of your neck, and yelling the lyrics directly into your face. It’s the uplifting emo-punk anthem of 2021, it’s honest, it’s open, and it will take some beating.

Overall this 4 track EP leaves you wanting more, and not in a bad way. If Iero keeps throwing tracks like “Sewerwolf” at us then I for one will lap them up, and after this release, Frank Iero definitely deserves your attention.

Frank Iero and The Future Violents – “Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place” EP released 15th January via UNFD Records.

https://unfdcentral.com/releases/heaven-is-a-place-this-is-a-place/ https://www.facebook.com/frankieromusic

Words: Richard Wright

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