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Estère Releases Stunning Album ‘Archetypes’ + Shares New Video ‘Into The Belly Of Capricorn’

January 24, 2021

Estère Releases Stunning Album ‘Archetypes’ + Shares New Video ‘Into The Belly Of Capricorn’

Ever since Estère spoke to her grandmother about Carl Jung and his concept of archetypes, the Wellington-based producer knew the direction her next album would take. Fascinated, Estère dedicated herself to creating a record based on Jungian theory, devouring five books and filling six notebooks with ideas, brainstorms and eventually the material that appears on her third masterful record, the concept-album Archetypes.

Estère’s Jungian obsession dominated her sleep, creating bizarre dreamtime scenarios featuring encounters with cheetahs in a garden or sea creatures in a flood, while others revolved around delivering life into the universe and the massive task of guardianship over these beings – the instinctive selflessness of motherhood. Other dreams depicted violence and killing of the other; in some, Estère saw herself as a boy or a man. The imagery and meaning in these dreams have been incorporated into the archetypes that are featured on the album.

Commenting on her interpretation of Jungian theory, Estère says, “I’ve been heavily influenced by post-Jungian literature which disregards some of the archaic Jungian concepts – particularly the work of esteemed African American psychologist Fanny Brewster.

Archetypes is a departure from the bedroom beats of Estère’s previous two albums. Co-produced with Massive Attack producer, Stew Jackson, each track on the album comes alive through the Wellington-based artist’s deft production. Defying categorisation, her music is a mixture of folk, R&B and electronica, blended in a unique fashion, easily identified as ‘Estère’. Archetypes is the sound of an artist who entirely commits to creative instinct.

The entire album showcases what a unique and stunning artist Estère truly is. The vision captured and created throughout the entire album seems to be otherworldly. Estère delivers these intricate vocal tones and from the moment they are introduced to the delicate arrangements, the vocals consume you. Far-reaching notes, emotionally enriched melodies, and an album based on bold yet beautiful arrangements that resonate such raw power. Archetypes will move you.

Estère has released a new video for album opener “Into The Belly Of Capricorn“, watch below:

Breathing life into narratives that marry the acutely human to the achingly mythic, Estère’s highly-anticipated third album brims with imagery and sonic amalgamations that merge culture, language and legend. Released by Blue Riot Records ‘Archetypes’ is available online and in record stores now.

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