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Drones Share New Single “Learn” + Launch Coffee Blend Ahead of Album Release

January 12, 2021

DRONES release new single ‘Learn’

From the forthcoming album ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’

Set for release 12 February 2021 via Lockjaw Records

The band launch ‘Fresh Hell’ coffee blend
– available for limited two week period

Drones’ latest anthem for personal growth – ‘Learn’ – is out now, providing another peek at the band’s forthcoming album ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’, which is set for release 12 February via UK indie Lockjaw Records. 

“Learn is about the desperate struggle to make a failing relationship work,” says vocalist Lois McDougall. “You can feel that it’s not right but you still care about the other person. We seem to make the same mistakes over and over by assuming we know what the other person is thinking, so communication stops. We keep trying to force a relationship to work with someone that we’re just not meant to be with. If it’s more of a struggle than not… it’s not worth it. You should never diminish any part of yourself for someone else because, ultimately, you’ll end up resenting them.”

Learn” obliterates whilst Louis’ vocal notes soar throughout this crushing composition. Igniting Drones to propel themselves into this consuming aura filled with fast-paced ardent instrumentation, filling this colossal soundscape. Infectious energy and deeply gripping.

Crammed with high-octane, yet deeply personal, punk cuts, ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’ documents a traumatic period for McDougall. “It’s been a pretty rough ride for the past couple of years,” she says when looking back on the journey the  band have been on to get to this point. “But I struggle with claiming my problems and sadness as valid because they are disproportionate to the danger and loss that many face every day. It got to the point where I was almost ashamed to write songs about my own life. However, I’m learning that personal care and self-worth is not something to be diminished. There are songs on this album that I had to write for my own therapy. Whilst writing this record, I went through a divorce, lost a family member and was battling with my own mental health. At the same time, it felt like the world was falling apart. ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’ is the product of my experiences over the past few months. There’s a lot of sadness on this record, but I can now look back and celebrate who I have become in spite of it all.”

Drones are also launching a signature coffee blend, fittingly monikered ‘Fresh Hell’ – they intend it to be the ultimate cure for the ‘hangover’ of the bleak year that was 2020.

Says drummer Mitchell Thomas of the venture: “We’re trying to help our fans start their year right and perk them up with a new premium blend of coffee featuring flavours of vegan milk chocolate, pecan and hazelnut. The product will be retailing on for a limited 2-week period starting Wednesday this week.”

Lois McDougall – vocals
Tom Thain – guitar
Tim Kramer – guitar / backing vocals 
James Kerr – bass / backing vocals
Mitchell Thomas – drums

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