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Discover The Other Ones – New Single Out Now Via Reckless Yes

January 10, 2021
The Other Ones Announce Self-titled Single
Ahead Of Debut Album

Out Digitally 8 January 2021 on Reckless Yes

On the lead up to Christmas, Reckless Yes, the ethical independent label; announced a plethora of emerging talent joining their creative platform. London power-pop four-piece The Other Ones joined that family and have now released their remarkable self-titled single taken from the act’s forthcoming debut album.

The Others Ones single is out now and available digitally via Reckless Yes, listen below, prepare yourself this release will wake you up:

Talk about a daring vision. The first note from The Others Ones self-titled single release is enough to blow you away. The perfect introduction to an act that plays by their own rules.

This is a wild rock wonder, filled with biting distortion, epic guitar licks, heavy drops, fierce drum fills, infectious melodies, and this powerful and all-consuming vocal harmony that pulls you into its lyrical force. Within 2 minutes, The Other Ones ignite their atmosphere with their boisterous and heavy soundscape and their power shines throughout.

Within the chaos of this fast-paced composition, you embrace The Other Ones efforts as they work through their own level of ferocity and draw the listener into their immersive atmosphere. The Other Ones create this compelling track which captures the outfits’ determined energy and bursts with this contagious beat and raw vitality. The Other Ones are here to lead the way and we must obey, this is a band to be excited about.

About single The Other Ones the band said, “The Other Ones does what it says on the tin. The song is about being an Other One and owning it. Shouting a big fuck you to anyone who told you you’re not enough just by being yourself. We are not alone and there are many of us out there. Embrace being a weirdo and scream along with us.”

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