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Deafheaven – “10 Years Gone” Album Review | Gavin Brown

January 2, 2021


10 Years Gone   

Over the past decade Deafheaven have put out four albums that combine both the rawness and majesty of black metal, epic post-metal, and wistful shoegaze to create a cacophony of sound that is emotional, passionate, and stirring to its core. To celebrate this decade of Deafheaven making music and the specific milestone of when they released their first demo, the band have released the live album 10 Years Gone and shows he band at the peak of their powers as they power through an all-encompassing set, delivered with passion mixed with fury and beauty in equal measures. 

This is no ordinary live album though because instead of being recorded live on tour, which the band were set to do this year and obviously couldn’t due to CO-VID 19 and the resulting destruction of live music this year, it was recorded as a live studio session, so it is still a live album albeit one recorded without an audience.

This doesn’t affect it at all though because the way the set and the music are delivered is nothing short of jaw-dropping with the versions of the songs being played perfectly and with an awe inspiring display of musicianship.

With songs taken from all of the bands albums, it’s a set that shows how Deafheaven have grown as a band, from the bands’ earliest material such as the primal black metal of Daedalus to the vast soundscape of Glint from their last album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (a song which features a fearsome but triumphant black metal blast too), and it shows the development they have made whilst never letting go of their roots and this album salutes and celebrates that fact. Other songs like Baby Blue and Dream House are just as formidable and the whole set delivers on so many levels and the only down point is that it makes you wish that you could actually witness this live and hopefully will soon as things get sorted out and go back to normality it as close to it as possible. 

10 Years Gone celebrates the first ten years of Deafheaven in style and we can firmly long forward to the next decade of music and hope that it is as strong as the first one. 

10 Years Gone– Out Now Via Sargent House

Words: Gavin Brown




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