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Crack Cloud Member Daniel Robertson Announces Debut Album as Peace Chord + Shares New Single

January 1, 2021
Photo Credit: Theo Lekan

Peace Chord

Release New Single

‘Empty in this House’

Announces Debut Album ‘Peace Chord’ Out 5th February 2021 via Unheard of Hope

Peace Chord is the new project from Daniel Robertson, a Canadian musician and core member of Crack Cloud. He recently emerged with his debut single, the subtle and moving ambience of ‘Crescent of Sun’. Now, he returns with his second single, ‘Empty in this House’, and news of an eponymously titled debut album which is due for release on 5th February 2021 via Unheard of Hope.

“Empty In The House” is a haunting new arrangement from an artist who will be deemed as essential throughout this year. Truly harrowing harmonics join this delicate yet destructive atmosphere. A complex piece of cinematic finery.

Robertson on the song: “I have spent the past number of years working in harm reduction in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. On my way home from the shelter, I would write words on my phone. This song grew as I was recollecting the imprints of witnessed trauma, the dissociation from a name, returning to myself to trace the changes.”

And on the self-directed video: “I wanted to look into a humble alternate universe filled with the same elements that informed the Peace Chord album: shelter residents, my family, members of Crack Cloud, my community, the instruments that made the album, all filmed in the room that Peace Chord was made. All the same parts, all made by hand, reformed to create a different whole, but with the same spirit.”

Roberton’s debut album as Peace Chord is a deeply personal, ethereal collection of songs in which he reflects on the worlds he has been immersed in. From minimalist explorations of gentle voice, upright piano, and vintage synthesizers, vulnerable meditations emerge. Through these spacious compositions, Robertson makes room for ideas to take hold and evolve gradually, drawing the listener into his world.

As Peace Chord, Robertson displays a vivid sense of space and place. While his work with Crack Cloud is communal and grandiose, here we find the individual vulnerable and introspective. Here we find a poet, in a moment of hermetic revelation. Even without knowing the particulars of the album’s backstory, the fragile arrangements bring you next to him, hearing the floor creak as he works his way around his innermost thoughts.

Peace Chord tracklisting:

1. Seventy Times Seven

2. Empty in this House

3. Spectral Processor

4. Juno

5. Omphalomancy

6. Memo

7. Crescent of Sun

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