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Cowgirl Set To Release New Track “Caroline” + Cassette Release via Safe Suburban Home Records 22nd January | Single Premiere

January 14, 2021

Cowgirl Set To Release New Track “Caroline” via Safe Suburban Home Records 22nd January

Single Premiere

Right now, we all need to find familiar comfort, turning to such creative pieces to lose ourselves within. Only 2 weeks and one day into a new year, York duo Cowgirl are here to deliver anode to old time rock n roll” and it’s time to get excited for another physical format that we need to add to our growing musical collection.

Once more, Cowgirl are joining forces with reputable and dedicated record label Safe Suburban Home. Safe Suburban Home Records are set to release their new cassette run of Cowgirl‘s ‘Caroline’ and B-side ‘Shut Up’ January 22nd and all music enthusiasts need to set their alarms. (Teaser image below)

Ahead of the official release, we are delighted to share “Caroline” streaming in full below:

Caroline captures this aggressive if not sultry appeal. This immediate infliction of ardent rock hits the audience, whilst this raucous tone intensifies. It’s a punk-infused rock wonder, biting momentum, and consuming charm which is ingrained into the core of this anthemic instrumentation. The coarse chorus even reflects a faint surf-rock influence, found beneath the capacious soundscape.

At only 1 minute 32 seconds, this composition contagiously speaks to its audience. The repetitive lyrics are destined to be remembered and sang back, Cowgirl has once again crafted a mesmerizing track and proven their ability to delve into experimental fields and produce something they can call their own. This fast-paced driving vision ruptures into this gargantuan moment of enveloping sound. Cowgirl‘s passion and infectious energy prevail.

Recorded during the same sessions as ‘Only Lasts a Moment’ at Greenmount Studios, it is another testament to the songwriting synergy of Danny Trew Barton (vocals/ guitar) and Sam Coates (Vocals/ guitar), who crafted ‘Caroline’ as throw-away in the time it takes to play the song out. A short-sharp blast, it is simple and infectious like all the best pop but rammed up and distorted. The best garage rock given the Jesus and Mary Chain treatment laced with the punk-pop nouse of Exploding Hearts and Eels introspective lyricism. Seriously, Cowgirl are an exciting outfit to watch!

Safe Suburban Home describe ‘Caroline’ as something that could be a lost power-pop classic by The Undertones or Buzzcocks that fully captures the frantic energy of the band’s acclaimed live performances.

Barton, who took on vocals for these new tracks, explains the song,
The songs a dumb ode to old time rock n roll and being in a moment of static with ambition, which definitely reflects the times. Recorded all live straight to tape in a room with everything turned up to 11. A definite nod to’ Oh Carol’ by Chuck Berry, really trying to capture the live vibe.”

Always writing (with a vast catalogue of unreleased tunes) Cowgirl are planning to record their next album as soon as they can get in a studio to do it justice, and also hope to release the work recorded with Euan Hinshelwood (Cate Le Bon/ Younghusband) in London at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020.

Safe Suburban Home Cassette Preview



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