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BYFYN Releases New EP ‘In Blue With You’

January 1, 2021

BYFYN Releases New EP ‘In Blue With You’

Hertfordshire artist BYFYN (AKA Ellie Isherwood) releases new EP ‘In Blue With You’.

It’s an empowering collection of tracks, written in the icy synth-pop style that is becoming BYFYN’s own. Sonically it calls to mind Grimes, Robyn, Chvrches or Let’s Eat Grandma, however glossy sounds are re-purposed through a LoFi filter to create something wholly unique in tone. Thematically, there’s a thread of tackling personal anxieties throughout, with a defiant tone, and optimistic outcome.

This is a change of direction for BYFYN. Largely, she focused on escapism on previous releases – but felt compelled to turn the focus inwards this time. The lyrics and accompanying motifs are purposeful musical therapy, rather than indirect looks past personal issues. As BYFYN elaborates: 

“I always used music as a way to escape the difficult things in my life, so I’d usually write about things that made me feel good; love, friends, partying, good times! But this time round, none of that felt right, it felt insincere. I felt I was ready and needed to talk about some real stuff and lay it all on the table, for once take off the mask. My hope is that those that need it will find solace in it and relate to it, because if there’s anything I’ve learnt from writing and talking about the songs so far, it’s that 99% of the time we’re not alone in how we are feeling/what we are going through!”

BYFYN began her artistic development as part of the Rising Sun Arts Collective, a Goldsmith’s adjacent cabal of musicians, artists, filmmakers and designers. Living together in a disused pub, it was here she honed her dark and dreamy sound amongst collaborative house parties/gigs, video shoots and recording sessions. This spirit of artistic fervour at the time turned the heads of cultural gatekeepers in Noisey (VICE) and Loud & Quiet.

An explosive record in its entirety. Focusing on the addictive melodies crafted and maintained throughout each ensemble, delicate yet magical vocal harmonies and lustrious lyrics take hold. The EP embraces this essence of empowerment as you escape within the creative musical journey.

Individually acclaim for BYFYN on these early cuts came in from DIYClash, DORK, Loud & Quiet, London In Stereo and more, as well as with Tom Robinson on 6 Music and Huw Stephens on Radio 1. Notable live slots included a well-received set at Latitude Festival.

The ‘In Blue With You’ EP is out now.

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