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Blood Wizard Release New Single “Carcrash”

January 19, 2021




Frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns, now known as Blood Wizard, releases new single ‘Carcrash’. It is the third track taken from his upcoming debut album, Western Spaghetti, out 5th March 2021 via Moshi Moshi Records.

‘Carcrash’ is an atypical love song, detailing how love can manifest itself in peculiar ways. Through Cai’s witty lyricism, he explains how the things you might dislike about yourself are what someone might find the most appealing about you. The accompanying sepia-toned music video, shot in rural Tenerife pre-Covid, sees Cai dancing and posing around a banana field, further showcasing the free nature of both the musical and visual aesthetic of Blood Wizard.

Cai says about the track: “The song was inspired by small arguments over long car journeys, and the many other weird ways in which love can express itself. If you’re feeling like a car crash one day, annoying as it might be, it’s quite comforting to have somebody there to back-seat drive”

Blood Wizard tackles the challenges of emotions within the new arrangement. Instantly you are introduced to the intoxicating vocals of Blood Wizard which lift this composition. The distinct melodic vocals of Cai flirt with the bright riffs and the crashing kit, the expansive atmosphere replete with psychedelic undertones. Blood Wizard embraces experimentation throughout the track whilst focusing on reflective lyrics, once again Blood Wizard captures this emotive anguish within their outlook and this mirrors the standout harmonies that provide charismatic complexities within the arrangement. 

Filled with crisp hooks and quick-witted storytelling, Blood Wizard’s debut album ‘Western Spaghetti’ is an album that has a predominant folk undertone, whilst also expertedly navigating through various textures and dark melodies. There’s an atypicality to the songs’ structures, a tightening and loosening – like breathing – between harder-edged sounds and more softly acoustic wanderings.

Western Spaghetti’ Tracklist:

  1. Breaking Even
  2. Halo 
  3. Fruit
  4. Mother’s Illusion
  5. Total Depravity 
  6. One Smile Too Many
  7. Carcrash
  8. Bob’s Big Arms
  9. Somehow I Knew
  10. The Gloom


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