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Alex Amor Set To Release Debut EP “Love Language” 15th January 2021 via Believe | EP Review

January 7, 2021

Alex Amor Set To Release Debut EP “Love Language” 15th January 2021 via Believe

Alex Amor is a name that is destined to be a household favorite. Alex carries this sublime and distinctive voice that allures the audience into the emotive essence of the lyrics being sung. Scottish artist Alex Amor will release her forthcoming debut EP Love Language the 15th of January 2021 via Believe. This record is destined to propel this artist into rightfully becoming one of the most essential and promising acts right now.

The forthcoming EP documents the progression of a relationship, touching on the complexities and heights of human relations, the restlessness of youth, and the inevitable demise of a relationship when both sides recognise they don’t align. The record was written after Alex relocated from her hometown of Glasgow to London, was couchsurfing and working in bars, and wrote 100 demos in a year. Incredibly, Alex reduced those demos to 5 key tracks which will feature on Love Language.

The Part With Each Other opens the forthcoming record and is the perfect insight into this artist and the infectious atmosphere crafted throughout each composition on the EP. The Part With Each Other offers this instant big soulful rhythm that sweeps throughout the track, enhanced by this plodding yet piercing groove. It’s a stunning barrage of electronic blasts, layered harmonies and then Alex Amor‘s stunning vocals emerge and captivate the audience.

Alex can harness this unique power within the artist’s reaching vocal abilities that this musician possesses, this is an artist destined for greatness. Alex’s vocals and truthful lyrics, which are present throughout, reach out to the listener and hooks them. Alex’s voice is at the forefront of each instrumentation and consumes all.

Mid EP you discover the track “Motion” in which you easily become fixated on the gentle flowing harmonics and Amor’s stunning tone. The dreamy track exudes this charisma and provides an enchanting effort. The arrangement is an addictive, heartfelt pop wonder. Sweeping rhythms and intricate electronic layers provide the perfect bed to carry the compelling lyrics at the core of this standout track.

As the entire record flows, each composition gracefully melds into this addictive movement reaching for the highs and the lows of life. The record oozes this visionary appeal and the beauty of Alex Amor’s fragile and very honest songwriting skills. The EP captures this thoughtful experience that uses the best of various genres and combines them to provide a reflective, well rounded original exploration. As the journey ends on the pensive So Far, when the orchestration fades out and you hear silence, you long for more.

Love Language is an expansive and ambitious record, resonating with the beauty of truth. Alex’s’ sweet and distinctive vocals sparkle and compliment the complex layered sound that assists in pushing this artist into the serious yet intoxicating pop territory.

This EP reflects a recent time of my life where I am a woman struggling for autonomy. I’m moving into adulthood and I’m desperately trying to make sense of its complexities. Though there’s no happy resolve at the end of the EP, I feel more self-assured than ever, more me than I’ve ever been. Naturally evolving, my ethos remains the same: to stay true to my intuition and try my best every day.” 



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