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Year Of Glad Records Announce The Big YOG20 Raffle Raising Funds For Homelessness/ Food Bank Charities in Derby + Announce YOG20 Compilation

December 13, 2020

Year Of Glad Records Announce The Big YOG20 Raffle Raising Funds For Homelessness/ Food Bank Charities in Derby + Announce YOG20 Compilation

Year Of Glad was founded by a group of long time collaborators involved in Derby’s bustling creative scene. Initially a means by which to release Tom John Hall’s debut double record and throw a big party, as the year ticked on and the label became home to more like minded artists making pop music just wide of the norm (MARIA-M, Al Bamfs, Phatso), the focus shifted toward using YOG artists’ prolific output as a means to raise money for the causes that matter the most to them. 

Derbyshire Coronavirus Relief Fund, Derbyshire LGBTQ+ and BLMUK have all been on the list this year, but as the winter months move in, the team have decided to hold a more ambitious event to help those in the local community most at risk. Now the label have announced their plans to release a special compilation YOG20 – a collection of brand new work by all of Year Of Glad’s artists and a collection of local musicians with all proceeds donated to homelessness and food bank charities in the city.

What’s contained within is a wondrous patchwork of oddball pop music and electronic tangents – it perfectly captures a glimmer of light that shines through an otherwise dark year: that despite challenges, the artists we love will relentlessly adapt and find new ways to create. Derby in particular is a hive of musical activity all too often overlooked – perhaps sitting too close to its bigger siblings in the Midlands – and this compilation confidently uncovers a wealth of obscurely gifted songwriters and producers, reaching out from their home studios to connect as a cohesive whole. 

But Derby is also a city suffering the same challenges as many others this year. Homelessness in the city is something the Padley Group has been doing vitally important work on for decades, and while the first lockdown came with the life saving assistance of the Everyone In scheme with local hotels, it has been a glaring omission of this second lockdown. The winter months are set to be especially challenging for the charity, and the same is true for Doorways Derby, a food bank and street kitchen founded in 2015 who provide food parcels and hot meals to those in the community struggling with food shortages. 

Year Of Glad are pulling out all the stops to fundraise for these charities, launching the compilation alongside a zine, art stall and raffle with prizes donated by local artists, creatives and small businesses. Throughout December, any proceeds from sales on the Year Of Glad webstore or bandcamp will be donated to these charities. And the team are hopeful that they can achieve a good thing:

“We already know our local arts community is incredibly kind and supportive from the work that others around us have done in the past, so we’re hoping this can be the beginning of a long term goal for the label and store to focus on not for profit projects, particularly ones that help the wider community that we all grew up in. If we can help out a little bit while working on the music and art that we love, then that’s pretty much ideal!”

Find details of the raffle here and be sure to purchase your tickets before the draw Friday 18th December- https://yearofglad.xyz/store/yog20-raffle

YOG20 compliation is set for release 16th December as a digital download and zine bundle on bandcamp and on the Year Of Glad webstore.

The compilation is an essential listen showcasing some of the best UK artists and those that are based in Derby. The 14 track compilation will absolutely mesmerize, featuring such a wide variety of unique and compelling artists all perfecting their own sound. You can already hear 2 tracks streaming now, ahead of the official release this Wednesday, 16th December.

Year of Glad we are in awe!



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