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The Keep Shares New Video “Up Into The Gold”

December 2, 2020
Photo credit: Madeline Masarik


Shares new video “Up Into The Gold”
EP ‘Apocrypha’ out now via Houndstooth

With his new EP ‘Apocrypha‘ out now via Houndstooth, The Keep is sharing his new video “Up Into The Gold.

Speaking about the new record, The Keep said “‘Apocrypha EP’ was inspired by a score I had written earlier in the year for a short film titled In Blood. It uses elements of the score and sound design, and some of the film’s themes are reflected in the track. 

Both tracks on this EP explore ideas of delusion, creating false narratives to justify terrible actions and being driven by imaginary forces.

In that context ‘Apocrypha’ is the action and ‘Up Into The Gold’ is the aftermath. “

Up Into The Gold” is such a vital listen. These sonic waves of intoxicating electronica cascade over the audience and pulls you into this enchanting atmosphere. The colossal sounds, intertwining sequences, the sudden harsh tweaks that join the intense aura provide this addictive essence to the track. The intensity ramps up, the soundscape becomes greater and greater as The Keep continues to play new textures into this expansive arrangement. The complex composition is a musical marvel, a vast exploration that captivates throughout, embrace the movement carefully created within “Up Into The Gold”.

The Keep is the solo project of Gothenburg-based Oliver Knowles who blends a collection of drones, noise and rhythms. ‘Apocrypha‘ EP was mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis in London and is available on Bandcamp as a pay what you like release here.

‘Apocrypha’ EP tracklist:
1. Apocrypha
2. Up Into The Gold


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