Special Interest Share New Boy Harsher Remix & Announce New 12″ & Digital Album Due Jan 8th via Nude Club

December 9, 2020


Announce new ‘Street Pulse Beat’ Maxi 12″ & digital album ‘The Passion Of: Remixed’ due Jan 8th via Boy Harsher’s imprint Nude Club Records

Share Boy Harsher remix of ‘Street Pulse Beat’ 
All proceeds will go to House of Tulip

Following the release of their album ‘The Passion Of…‘ earlier this year, New Orleans-based punk band Special Interest have announced a new 12″ release ‘Street Pulse Beat‘, which features remixes from Boy Harsher, Ruth Mascelli and DJ Haram. The record is set for release on Jan 8th via Nude Club Records and is available for pre-order and the “Street Pulse Beat (Boy Harsher Remix)” is streaming online.

As well as the ‘Street Pulse Beat’ Maxi 12″, Special Interest will also digitally release ‘The Passion Of: Remixed‘ on Jan 8th, which is made up of 11 tracks, including the remixes on the 12″ & various other reworks by artists such as Hide & w00dy. People who purchase the Maxi 12” on Bandcamp, will receive a free download of ‘The Passion Of Remixed’ too.

All proceeds will go to House of Tulip (, which was co-founded and is currently co-led by 2 Black transgender women. House of Tulip provides trans and gender-nonconforming communities in New Orleans, Louisiana with economic stability and safety through zero barrier permanent housing and pathways to education, healthcare, employment, and homeownership.

“This remix of ‘Street Pulse Beat’ came from the depths of springtime lockdown. In a bleak and uncertain world, Special Interest was keeping our creative spirit alive. This remix was made entirely with the OB-6, SH-101, and the JV-1080. Trading in distorted guitars for plucky bent synths, Boy Harsher’s remix offers their signature melancholy sound. Ali Logout’ confidently controls the energy, reminding us that synthwave can still have a backbone and can hang with the punks.” – Boy Harsher

Adding to this, Special Interest vocalist Alli Logout said the track is “A ballad for lovers delusions of grandeur in the depth of the terror that is codependency.”

This remix will move you, the first electronic soundwave that emits in this mighty soundscape and you are hooked!

Pre-order here:

‘Street Pulse Beat’ Maxi 12″ tracklist (vinyl only):
1. Street Pulse Beat (Original Mix)
2. Street Pulse Beat (Boy Harsher Remix) 
3. Street Pulse Beat (Ruth Mascelli Remix) 
4. Street Pulse Beat (DJ Haram Remix)

‘The Passion Of: Remixed‘ tracklist (digital only)
1. Disco III (Alchemical Sisters remix)
2. Disco III (Lust$ickPuppy remix)
3. All Tomorrow’s Carry (Zah remix)
4. All Tomorrow’s Carry (Quickweave remix)
5. All Tomorrow’s Carry (Bouffant Bouffant remix)
6. All Tomorrow’s Carry (Kontravoid remix)
7. A Depravity Such as This (Adiós Mundo Cruel remix)
8. Homogenized Milk (w00dy remix)
9. Street Pulse Beat (Boy Harsher remix)
10. Street Pulse Beat (Ruth Mascelli remix)
11. Street Pulse Beat (DJ Haram remix)
12. With Love (Hide remix)

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