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Serguei Spoutnik Set To Release Debut EP “Subject, Verb, Complement” 18th December via Santé Records | Interview + Release Special

December 14, 2020

Serguei Spoutnik – “Subject, Verb, Complement

Debut EP + VHS Due 18th December via Santé Records

Interview + Release Special

This Friday, 18th December, a late contender for record of the year is about to drop!

Serguei Spoutnik is set to release their new debut EP “Subject, Verb, Complement“, the 5-track record will be out via Santé Records and is easily one of the most imperative instrumentations of our time. Damien Lecoq aka Serguei Spoutnik is already a familiar name to the site- from his involvement with math-rock icons QDRPD, to the incredible artwork we’ve recently used on our compilation, we’re always impressed by Damien’s outlet and the debut solo release showcases this artist in a whole new light. Under the moniker Serguei Spoutnik, he dedicates his time to a new practice, spontaneity, where his new vision is recorded in one single take and then edited on VHS tapes.

Subject, Verb, Complement” consists of 5 intricate electronic explorations that flow effortlessly from one track to the next; when the record drops, so will the final finished film, the VHS consisting of the 5 videos reflecting the compositions.

Subject, Verb, Complement” embraces such bold textures, each arrangement delves into a series of complex rhythms finely built upon multiple layers and manipulating electronica effects, this artist has altered the ambiance carefully constructed and set out within the atmosphere, the end result leaves you in awe. This consuming aura emits from this celestial and immersive soundscape as the atmospheric pressures increase and the challenges of this record captivate.

This powerful debut showcases Serguei‘s compelling vision with each arrangement exuding this standout energy, the audience can not only feel the power that ignites through the changing course of the colossal climate but with the visuals that back the tracks, the audience and see this too. Each instrumentation pushes boundaries and elevates the listener. Serguei’s expressive landscape solidifies this artist’s appeal, as ultimately he’s carved out a sound of his own, resulting in this flawless orchestration.

A must-hear for any experimental electronic music enthusiast. An accessible and impressive record.

Ahead of the release, we spent some time chatting with Serguei Spoutnik to find out how this record came about, engaging the vision with a traditional format and the inspiration behind the film itself…

You’re no stranger to Circuit Sweet with your efforts in QDRPD, your work as an artist( those incredible cover arts for our compilations), and now you’re stepping out solo.

We’ve spent plenty of time discussing you in the past but now we’ve heard ‘Subject, Verb, Complement’ we need to know more about your new direction. Why have you stepped out solo now?

In fact, I had never dared to do it … What attracted me in the musical medium was the idea of collaboration. So I couldn’t imagine doing a solo musical project. But finally, through the work I did with Serguei Spoutnik (videos, illustrations, etc …) I tried to apply to my music something that I learned to do with these other media: create a universe or a certain story giving a context to these productions. After all, it’s the creation of this perimeter that excites me the most when making a video, an image or … a music.

What was your inspiration behind your new release?

The 5 videos I directed for the 5 tracks inspired me, they are like 5 soundtracks. I realized that « 1991 » with his ambient music inspired me a lot too, his eponymous album is one of those that I listen to the most for almost 10 years.

Tell us about your tracks you’ve already created?

There are 5 tracks, there are some voices, mine or that of Joseph (QDPRD) who collaborated with me on the song « And now, what If I’m dead ». These songs still speak of loneliness. It’s a theme that I like a lot because it’s as sad as liberating.

Enlighten us on both your writing and recording process..

I only uses one synth for this record: the Roland alpha Juno. I wanted to have this perimeter, one record, one synth. I tried to be as spontaneous as possible, the tracks being recorded in one single take and then edited on VHS tapes. The writing of the lyrics was always done after the music, often in a sudden burst of creation. Some tracks and words went in the trash because I hadn’t been able to take advantage of these inspiring moments.

Was there a theme to this record, a concept you had that you needed to execute?

Yes, there is a theme, especially in the 5 videos. Have you never watched in the evening, through a window, those moments stolen in the warm light of the houses or apartments of complete strangers? Lost but never alone, you find ourselves imagining the best or the worst in the lives of these protagonists, like a play taking place in front of your eyes.

This window here is a video surveillance camera or a confidential Youtube channel. So what happens to these stolen scenes when they are devoid of human presence? The play becomes a contemplation, a golf course a piece of art. Due to their therapeutic virtues, the window, the screen, transmit and reflect from the inside to the outside, from the inside to the inside.

You’ve made a very obscure soundscape completely accessible for all, was this intentional?

I think it’s my musical language, the vocabulary I learned in very melodic and pop music that I love as much as more ellistist and avant-garde or ambiant music.

How would you describe your own sound?

I hope it’s a sound as restful as disturbing, an ambient music but not soporific.

Is there a story behind the song titles?

Yes, more or less, the titles reflect a reading I may have had of the videos or the tracks. In any case, they reflect something, a context, a concept or a feeling that I wanted to bring.

The format you’ve chosen to release the album on is very DIY, the first VHS release we’ve seen in a while. Tell us how this video release came about? And why is the right format for you?

In fact, regarding the concept of the EP and how it was recorded, it seemed obvious to me (and no longer a dream) to release it on VHS at some point! I hope that this will motivate some people to take out their VCR for the Christmas holidays and who knows this will perhaps allow for certain to find some family treasures …

How do you think the visuals reflect the record?

They are like the backbone: indispensable for the whole hold well but you don’t need to see them to know or feel it.

Is there a particular track that you just love to play?

One Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel definitely! I always have a synth riff that I play on repeat at home for weeks. I change for a different riff from time to time. I can play them over and over again for no reason. This track translates that well I think, there is really only one synth riff in it, nothing else.

You’ve joined forces with Sante records for this new solo release, how did the collaboration come about? 

My lifelong artistic double, Apollo Noir, has followed the birth of this project from the very beginning. He very quickly proposed to me, him and Clément, to join the label with this EP and frankly without them I don’t think that the project would have left my room …

If you’re able to, will you be supporting this release live at any stage? If so how will you incorporate all your elements into one live performance?

I’m just thinking about it. I would like to offer a live in VHS … I am trying to see how to synchronize and tweak several VCRs on stage to have a « show » with image and sound » 😉

And finally any last words?

Thank you very much to you Circuit Sweet for following and supporting all my artistic projects from the very beginning. I’m super glad to share this with you again!

Thank you so much!

Be sure to pre-order your copy of the EP via Santé Records now, due 18th December!

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