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Rosehip Teahouse Release Stunning New EP “Fine” – Out Now via Big Indie Records

December 9, 2020

Rosehip Teahouse Release Stunning New EP “Fine”

Out Now via Big Indie Records

2020 has been the year of Rosehip Teahouse. Amongst the uncertainty of this year, Rosehip Teahouse have been a constant in our world. Throughout the year the band have been releasing snippets from their new EP “Fine”, which is out now via Big Indie Records. With each track the band has unveiled, they cemented our firm thoughts that this is the band to see us through. Rosehip Teahouse continue to create these emotionally embellished hits, compositions that scream honesty and consume you within the delicate yet shimmering textures.

I Meant What I Said

No Gloom

I’m Not Whole

A Million Times

Summer Sleep

Rosehip Teahouse knows how to connect with their audience through their magical musical output- a sublime power can be seen through the fragility of the lyrics.

EP opener “I Meant What I Said” begins to take traction, this abudance of etheral electronic waves build up in the background, then the raw lyrics of which so passionately delivered over this instant minimalist setting- it just mesmerizes. The synth elements are gently ticking over whilst the array of powerful instrumentation come together to provide its own instrumental intensity. Despite the honest and somewhat darker reflective lyrics, the contradicting bright shimmering guitar notes and the bold unmissable drum beat which fills the arrangement provides this exhilarating surge of atmospherical powerpop.

As with this single and the entire record,  the vocals just wrap around you, they really reach for the audience and the warmth is found within the backbone of this arrangement. Capturing real emotions within the harmonies that have been crafted.  The longing vocal notes and the rich tone exudes emotive appeal, you warm to the vibrant sounds of easily one of the most enthralling singers. With the brooding vocals perfectly clashing against the bright instrumentation, the combination of guitar, bass, drums and synth all carry an air of delicacy. This charm seeps through the energetic bursts of the full band bouncing off one-another.

No Gloom” follows and the tone alters the dynamic flow to the EP. This enriched guitar tone strikes these solid notes and the sound portrayed dazzles as the guitar is drenched with this contagious chorus. These shimmering tones add to this infectious vibe. Whilst the lyrics channel familiarity and glimpses of hope, captured through the delicate vocals. The band captures this vibrance to their projection and delivers this complex track which conveys its own element of fun!

“I’m Not Whole” strips that initial fun feeling from the track before and provides a softer, more fragile feeling. At just 2 minutes 30, this serene composition forces the audience to embrace the honest lyrics which are so relatable. Rosehip Teahouse have recorded this reflective piece which grasps at this feeling of being incomplete. We’ve all been there and this band have somehow captured this dark thought and this real feeling, by providing a timid touch to this quick track. Rosehip Teahouse focus on this honest subject and we can connect to this powerful wordsmith.

A Million Times” starts with an instant angular tone, with these off-kilter notes building the biting momentum and a riff that devours you. These notes and tones combine together to exude this infectious dreamy landscape. On this ardent instrumentation, the vocals then join into the mix and instantly harness such striking emotive tendencies- this emotional deliverance is found within the stunning harmonies. The lyrics feel more mature, yet remain extremely intimate, Rosehip Teahouse are baring all within their raw lyrics and consuming essence.

Finally the EP finishes on “Summer Sleep“, a serene and soulful rendition, bold yet beautiful harmonies, and a dreamy landscape. A slower progression but that doesn’t stop the vast emotion-drenched to its core for this track. Vocal attributes similar to the legendary Dolores O’Riordan, these high reaching notes resonate with such affection and yet exude a real personal feeling.

Rosehip Teahouse have created this essential EP for our times. Rosehip Teahouse have been instrumental at creating such immersive instrumentations that capture such personal details that any audience can not only relate to, but feel some form of transcendent exploration when their profound music sweeps into your world and takes the pressure off, just for a short while. Despite the darkness within their lyrics, it’s the warmth of their creations that connects with their fans for a mesmerizing journey. The band challenge these very raw feelings and in turn these challenges create a cathartic listen. In it’s entirety “Fine” is a magical masterpiece!

The fine EP is a collection of moments that span from 2016 to now. They cover love, losing love, fighting an eating disorder that wanted to take me over completely, my unregulated emotions, dreams (both literal and metaphorical) finding some sort of meaning amongst it all and coming out the other side, slightly stronger as a result of it.
A lot of the songs are re-arrangements of the very earliest Rosehip demos and it’s been really cathartic and really special to let them free with the help of the rest of the band. I hope people can relate to the songs, give them a home for a bit and feel at least a little supported in the struggles we all have staying grounded in this overwhelming world.”

– Faye Rogers



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