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Rad Releases 20 – Delicious Clam Records

December 17, 2020

Rad Releases 20 – Delicious Clam Records

It’s that time once again, as the countdown to the end of 2020 rapidly approaches and we quickly want to move away from this year- we take a personal look back on familiar names, labels, promoters, and musicians’ best releases of the past 12 months. In what has been a challenging year for all, the one constant has been how artists and their labels have adapted and produced some of the best records of our time and it’s those releases that have the audience has depended on to get them through the year.

This year the Rad Releases special celebrates 10 years, to mark the decade-long feature we let our favorites take over the site to tell us the records that have kept them going throughout this trying year. Telling us how they’ve adapted, if they’ve returned to a loved record and what we can look forward to from them next year.

This year we’ve been obsessing over Sheffield’s finest label Delicious Clam Records and the sheer amount of captivating releases they’ve put out into the world. Delicious Clam Records is a collectively run independent label and recording studio based in the centre of Sheffield. This year whilst studio time and shows have been on the back-burner, Delicious Clam have thrown themselves into releasing a vast range of records on various formats, and continuing to promote some of the most exciting acts around (Jellies and Crawlies). We hand over to Ben to find out more about DCR year in music…

Top Releases

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

100% pure visionary killer disco pop that you never knew you needed until 2020. Sampling the likes of White Town, INXS and Olivia Newton-John, how could it not be great?-

Chubby and the Gang – Speed Kills

Extremely fun catchy-as-hell lo-fi hardcore punk/pub rock with most songs hovering around the 2 minute mark, how it was meant to be.

Sniffany and the Nits – Greatest Nits

S+TN often get sonically compared to Crass but they have carved out their own enthralling and beguiling world. The breakdown of “Horse Girls” feels so insidious and electrifying one considers both self-flagellation and opening the prospective pit.

Rat Cage – Screams from the Cage

One man punk project once again delivers on this full length LP after effortlessly smashing out a few hxc inspired EPs. Released near the start of lockdown, the vitriol spat out on every track has provided much needed catharsis from the never-ending frustration provided by this government and the general state of 2020.

En Attendant Ana – Juillet

An album of jangly guitars, melodic post-punk and 90s indie-pop. C’est magnifique!

The best show you have played this year / gig attended (if you had the opportunity at the start of the year)

We only had the opportunity for 2 shows before lockdown struck, and they were both pretty special in their own ways. En Attendant Ana (Trouble in Mind – see above), Potpourri (Bingo Recs), Slacks and The Early Mornings all on one lineup on Valentines Day was phenomenal. The following night we teamed up with fellow Sheffield DIY space Hatch to put on ‘Live: Laugh, Love’ – an anti-valentines event, with amateur drag, a blind date pastiche, performances from Jade Hairpins (members of Fucked Up, Es), Jeuce, Soup Review and Apples of Pain. Did we mention there was a swan boat ride in our tunnel of love? Because there was. If those were the only 2 events this year, it’s still been a success.

Has there been any record that’s got you through this year?

Katie Pham and the Moonbathers – Stay Inside

How have you adapted with releasing/recording/promoting during this year?

We’ve definitely put far more into releasing music this year, in all formats. We started by just putting a couple of digital singles out (Thee Mightees/Five Leaf Nettles), more to pass the time than anything, but since then we’ve put out the debut album from Manchester’s Jeuce (members of The Hipshakes and Booglies), a limited run of sold out lathe cut 7″ (Crawlies), courtesy of Loose Hair Lathe Cuts, and a similarly sold out run of cassettes by Sheffield/California based Jellies. There was also a Halloween release: ‘Ring the Bell’, from the mysterious New York/Berlin based Nichole, featuring euro superstar FKA Dimitri. We’ve got many future plans, currently under wraps but ready to go for the end of 2020/early 2021.

Social distancing and indoor rules have all but eliminated studio work, the same goes for promoting gigs. We haven’t been too into the idea of streaming gigs really, it has seemed like a lot of effort to set things up,and there also seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm after the first few months of pandemic passed. Besides, we have all had other projects keeping us going! Perhaps the absence of gigs has been a slight blessing, in that it has given us time to work on the space, and also given us a chance to regroup and look forward to gigs again (whenever that may be).

Best discovery this year

Jade Hairpins’ massive debut single ‘J Terrapin’ and the series of coincidences that led to them coming up to play their second show at ‘Live: Laugh, Love’ at the last minute.

Label Highlight of 2020

Crawlies – a band made up of numerous members of the Delicious Clam community, putting out their first record, selling out and collaborating with one of our local lathe cutters (Loose Hair Lathe Cuts – also let’s give a shout out to previous and future collaborator Do It Thissen Records and Lathe Cuts. Sheffield is very lucky to have not one, but two short-run record cutting services!).

As this is our 10th year of Rad Releases, we want to look back on your 10 years- has there been on standout moment/standout record of the past 10 years?

Stand out from Delicious Clam release wise – probably Thumbuster’s NO:P, All Girls Arson Club’s Dark Fruits EP, or the Christmas compilations that started everything off.Delicious Clam moment(s) – Our end of year New Year Extravaganza Clams in Their Eyes going from strength to strength…until this year. Watch this space for the grand return in 2021.Delicious Clam gig – The emergence of Crack Cloud would probably top a lot of lists for people who were there, but our annual 3 day Clamlines festival has become a beast in its own right.In general, favourite records from various Clam members: Crack Cloud – Crack Cloud; Sievehead – Into the Blue; Big Thief – Masterpiece; The Frightnrs – Nothing More To Say; Romeo Taylor – Kingdom of Scotland. 

Artist/Band to watch for 2021

Sister Wives (former members of Nachthexen, Feature, Toucans) – Sheffield band who dropped a couple of releases this year. English/Welsh hybrid lyrics, spooky music from another time and space. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Label Plans for the New Year

More all-format releases, possible second runs on previous releases, new finds, back to gigs and stupid-but-fun events in a post-Brexit dystopian nightmare hellscape!   

Looking forward to discovering more through Delicious Clam!

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