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Rad Releases 20 – Circuit Sweet

December 29, 2020

Rad Releases 20 – Circuit Sweet

It’s my time (Naomi), to close our annual Rad Releases feature. This year has marked the annual feature’s 10th anniversary; for 10 years I’ve spent the last few weeks of the year handing the site over to many artists, labels, promoters and writers to discover more about their year in music. This year, remarkably we received the most contributions yet and it’s been such a pleasure to find new discoveries that I’ve missed this year thanks to those features. I’m truly amazed that so many incredible people have wanted to spend their time letting us into their world, very grateful and that of the readers who in turn discuss their most cherished releases.

We all know this year has been a struggle for all, we had no idea seeing in 2020 that we’d only have just over 2 months of normality for the entire year. Due to health conditions back in Mid-March I had to shield and for 4 months I never left the boundaries of my home, not even for a walk, and then when the shielding was temporarily lifted it was just local walks that I was determined to leave for. The thing that I have relied on throughout this challenging time has been music, and I’m not alone. It’s been such a relief to escape into music old and new. To find the time to appreciate the record collection and to fully absorb the sounds, the record sleeves, the art- everything. Finding a new artist that bought me excitement, pre-ordering their album and eagerly anticipating that record to arrive and in turn, passing the time whilst I wait.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but at the end of March we celebrated our 11th year as this music outlet. To celebrate our 11th birthday we released a special 27 track compilation which is free to download here. So much has happened since this release but I just want to say thank you once more to all those that contributed and those that have streamed and downloaded the compilation.

I feel incredibly lucky that I have Circuit Sweet as a platform, in such a trying time, if I feel I can promote a musician and their work in any way shape, or form then I have done my job- so once again thank you all for supporting our little site for 11 years now, it’s just a teeny tiny team giving their time to help creatives in any way possible.

Due to the time spent listening to so many new releases, this year the Circuit Sweet team have compiled a special playlist of our most loved artists and their music that have made such an impact on us this year, be warned it’s over 8 hours long. Find the playlist streaming below and I hope you can find a new artist or song that becomes essential to you:

Thank you – Naomi x

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