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Quinta Releases New Single “The Nurse’s Song” – In Support Of Frontline Healthcare Workers

December 6, 2020

credited to Rebecca Waterworth

Quinta Releases New Single “The Nurse’s Song” – In Support Of Frontline Healthcare Workers

London-based multi-instrumentalist performer-composer, QUINTA- collaborator with the likes of Radiohead’s Philip Selway and flagship contemporary dance company Rambert and one quarter of experimental chamber collective Collectress , who released their latest album Different Geographies in March, releases a benefit single in aid of Cavell Nurses’ Trust to support UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering personal and financial hardship.

Entitled The Nurse’s Song, the track was inspired by a news story describing the profound compassion shown by a nurse to loved ones not allowed to be present at the bedside of a dying covid19 patient. With gently intimate vocals, hymnal piano and organ and a powerfully emotive string-led climax, The Nurse’s Song is intensely moving. A tribute to the healthcare workers managing immense trauma on behalf of all of us.

The track was released 4th December 2020 to coincide with the final ‘Bandcamp Friday’ of this difficult year and all proceeds will be donated to Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

Since the covid19 pandemic hit the UK, the Trust has seen a 175% increase in the amount of nursing and midwifery professionals needing their help compared to the same period last year. Their work is deeply important- in this of all moments. The need for patient isolation has made the kind of situation described in the lyrics of The Nurse’s Song all too common. A recent survey of nearly 900 nurses by the charity Marie Curie found disturbing evidence of the personal cost to healthcare workers of treating covid19 patients, particularly given the patient isolation dimension. Giving distressing news to relatives over the phone and bearing the responsibility of a dying person’s final moments are tasks leaving a traumatic legacy
for the profession.

I put the phone down and cried my heart out”, said one
participant. “Not having the relatives with the patients during the time of death felt like a huge responsibility on nursing staff to get it absolutely right”, said another.

A beautiful track that resonates with the pain of these vital professionals that have been at the front of this horrendous disease and suffering the consequences of what they’ve seen. This heartfelt and haunting track consumes you. Enriched with such sensitivity, compassion and real emotions.



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