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Hayley Mary Shares “The Chain” Nude Version

December 11, 2020



Hayley Mary presents the heavenly Nude Version for recent single ‘The Chain’, the first release since her critically acclaimed debut EP The Piss, The Perfume shared earlier this year.

Stripping the sonically upbeat and punchy track to the basics; tranquil piano and strings dancing with Hayley’s sweet vocals, the Nude Version transcends a pure, healing power as the whirlwind year draws to an end. Recorded and produced by Johnny Took (DMA’S), ‘The Chain (Nude Version)’ showcases Hayley’s worldly lyricism and intricate melody, giving a poignant voice to the emotional disorientation of 2020, exploring the depth of loss felt by all, but bringing the joy we want and need from music right now.

Hayley Mary is an iconic artist, her voice so recognizable and each exploration utterly captivates. The vocal harmonies exude such depth, emotional connection, and compelling delivery.

Since its premiere last month on triple j and American Songwriter, ‘The Chain’ has been added to high rotation at Double J (#1 most played last week), seen spins on Amazing Radio in the UK, Kink FM in the Netherlands, been championed internationally on streaming platforms (with Turkey taking a specific interest in the track) and covered by Paste, Idolator, NME AU and Indie Midlands. This global success follows on from where Hayley left off in January with the release of her game-changing EP The Piss, The Perfume, which attracted widespread praise from the likes of Flood Mag, Clash Mag, DIY Mag, The Line of Best Fit and established her incredible knack for capturing a sharp sense of time and place.

Showcasing some of Hayley’s most impressive song writing to date, ‘The Chain’ was written the night before she was scheduled to fly out to begin touring her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume. The pandemic was erupting and Hayley had just received the news of her cancelled flights: “I sat in my apartment in Melbourne staring at my suitcase… I picked up the guitar and wrote what felt like, at the time, the saddest song I’d ever written. Sonically and melodically, however, it’s one of my most up-lifting.”

Finding solace in this sense of connection to the rest of the world, Hayley poured both her frustrations and optimism into ‘The Chain’. The jubilant track acts as both a frustrated scream into the void and a celebration of solidarity. “It was an odd sort of happy-sad because for the first time I felt like the chain not only held me down, it connected me to everything and everyone else. For a brief moment, everyone could see it and feel it at exactly the same time.”

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