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DD Darillo Releases Debut Single “Time Will Tell”

December 6, 2020

DD Darillo Releases Debut Single “Time Will Tell”

DD Darillo, the musical brainchild of Boy Azooga member Dylan Morgan, announce the release of their debut single, Time Will Tell.

Raised in the acid soaked foothills of the Cambrian Mountains and inspired in part by the tales of the 70s rock icons who pilgrimed there for inspiration, DD Darillo’s music is some-what infused with the sounds of these ghosts past. Tipping its hat to the progressive, soulful and psychedelic, DD Darillo seamlessly meld retro and modern influences with aplomb, from the likes of Dungen and Pond, to Supertramp, Steely Dan and Squeeze.

A song about not feeling at home anywhere, Time Will Tell explores the desolate solitude of growing up in the outback of the Welsh hills. Such is the geographical remoteness – there’s even an absence of a ‘welcome to…’ sign in the vicinity – Time Will Tell is a biographical tale of having to pretend where you are from, enabling Dylan to probe the Welsh notion of ‘Hiraeth’, or ‘the feeling of longing for a home that never was’. As Dylan sings the line “Aberystwyth was my home or was it Tregaron?”, he questions the very notion of belonging, before realising that time itself decides where you feel you belong, hence the title Time Will Tell. A chiming, fuzz-filled banger, scattered with soulful harmonies and uplifting beats, Time Will Tell is the perfect introduction to DD Darillo as they showcase a mirage of genres spanning neo-prog, new-wave pop and college rock.

Time Will Tell exudes this infectious rhythm from the immediate introduction to this track. These sweeping and charismatic vocals steal the focus for the first few bars in this brooding melodic arrangement. In fact these harmonies capture some kind of Josh Homme-Esque attributes. This crushing guitar riff becomes a staple to this soulful track and the instrumentation emits this serious ferocity found in the tone. When the atmosphere broadens by the introduction of various elements, suddenly the intensity ramps and this brash surge provides a compelling pull to this must-hear track.

DD Darillo also consist of Oliver Beard (Bass, Backing Vocals) John Close (Guitar) and Alex Burch (Drums). The track was recorded at Tom Rees‘ studio (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard), with the video shot by Craig Shankland (Estrons/Death Cult Electric) and edited by Dylan. Now, with Time Will Tell due to drop on the 1st December, and a follow up single due in January 2021, DD Darillo are ready to bestow their quirky sound on an unwitting audience.

Time Will Tell is out now via Hush Now Records.

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