Beach Bunny Announce ‘Blame Game’ EP for 15th Jan 2021 + Share New Single

December 3, 2020
Credit: Alexa Viscius



Beach Bunny are excited to announce their new EP Blame Game, out 15th January 2021 via Mom+Pop Music. The new EP follows the band’s rapturously received and immediately addictive debut album Honeymoon. Where Honeymoon centered on the highs and lows of new love, Blame Game takes aim at toxic masculinity, sexism and the emotional labour of unreliable relationships. 

To celebrate the EP announcement, the band has released lead single “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” and its official music video. In both the song and video directed by Lua Borges and produced by Everybody’s Baby, Lili Trifilio, the front person and the creative force behind Beach Bunny, reclaims her power and dominance over romantic partners that try to play her. Last week, the band launched a racing browser video game featuring an 8-bit version of the new single. Players who complete the game quick enough win an exclusive download of the 8-bit song. Check it out here.

Trifilio says of “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)”,

“As a veteran of engaging with emotionally unavailable people, I wanted to create a sassy song that calls out players by talking down to them as if they were children, showing that poor communication skills and mind games are immature. It shifts the blame to the person that was acting disrespectful, instead of myself. The song also hammers home the point that I know my worth; I’m not afraid to call out players on their stupid behaviour and I’m not going to tolerate being thrown around emotionally.”

The new track is fierce- raw lyrics with the most empowering essence, a driving beat and a bold melody. Such an addictive new track.

Blame Game was written in quarantine and recorded in Chicago over a weekin August. The four new original songs are produced by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Joyce Manor, Modern Baseball, Remo Drive). Trifilio also recently released her debut single from her new solo project, tiger lili entitled “lightning”. 

1. Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)

2. Love Sick

3. Nice Guys

4. Blame Game

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