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Yung Announce New Album “Ongoing Dispute” due 22nd January via PNKSLM Recordings + Share New Single “Above Water”

November 13, 2020
Photo credit: Daniel Hjorth


Announce New Album ‘Ongoing Dispute’

Due 22nd January via PNKSLM Recordings

Share New Single “Above Water”

 Danish indie-rock four-piece Yung have announced their long awaited second album Ongoing Dispute, due for release on 22nd January 2021 via PNKSLM Recordings. They have also shared a visual for opening single ‘Above Water’.

Arriving 5 years after their acclaimed debut A Youthful Dream,and following on from last September’s teasing 7″ single ‘Progress’, Ongoing Dispute delivers a compelling argument for the importance of taking your time.

As the hectic touring schedule A Youthful Dream propelled them into drew to a close, Yung immediately returned to the studio and began a process of reassessing themselves and the band as a whole. The result is a long-brewed album steeped in honesty and tension that sees the band take a sonic leap forward, further perfecting their infectious, fizzing indie-rock melodies.

Speaking about the track the band say; “For a long time we referred to this song as ‘The Yo La Tengo Song’. Finishing Above Water helped spark a curiosity towards a less obvious approach to songwriting. Originally, the song had a different ending but our friend and producer Neil R. Young swept in with a slick outro, which concluded the song in a big way. Lyrically, the song is an ode to individuals taking a stand against injustice and structures in society which oppose equality. These people often become the voice and the talisman of movements and generations, something that might come at a personal cost, but nonetheless something that makes way for dialog, discussions and hopefully positive change.”

Ferocity runs deep within the tone and the initial flurry of instrumentation as the intensity and the fierce elements from Yung propel “Above Water” into this explosive and harmonious exploration. The driving momentum found in the crushing soundscape, the gritty bass tone, and the amped-up drums and rapid time signature provide this biting exertion and infectious power.

Together Yung effortlessly captures their exquisitely melodic energy. The lyrics consume you, these vocals reach out and embrace that essence of urgency, you take every word in and you feel the passion of the vocal execution. “Above Water” is such an important arrangement from the most impressive new act around, hit repeat immediately.

Yung have taken the long road to this second full-length. By the time they released their debutA Youthful Dream, it felt less like a launchpad for the Aarhus four-piece and more like a culmination; of years of touring, of a multi-EP trajectory that began with Alter in 2015, and of a transition from a project chiefly centred around the songwriting of frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær to something more fully-formed. The upshot is, right when they should have been celebrating the opening of an exciting new chapter, they actually felt burned out. “It wasn’t that we didn’t like A Youthful Dream,” explains Silkjær. “We just weren’t quite proud of it.”

Accordingly, they took some time to gather themselves. “We were pretty worn down from a lot of touring,” says bassist Tobias Guldborg Tarp, “and there was a lot of banging our heads against the wall when it came to trying to write new songs. We had to step back and think about what we wanted to do as a band, and whether it even made sense to continue.” It was far from plain sailing once they eventually did regroup, towards the end of 2016, for more writing sessions; with Silkjær previously the primary songwriter, coming up with tracks that accommodated the polarised tastes of the individual members was a challenge. Guitarist Emil Zethsen takes his melodic cues from Prince and eighties pop; at the other end of the spectrum, drummer Frederik Nybo Veile is an avowed metalhead. “It was a struggle,” recalls Zethsen. “The four of us rarely agree on anything.”

Eventually, the breakthrough came. ‘Lust and Learning’ is a fizzing synergy of each of the four’s musical predispositions; chiming guitars from Zethsen, a strutting bassline from Guldborg Tarp and soaring backing vocals on the chorus accompany Silkjær as he spins a wistful tale of small-town inertia. It provided the spark for the sessions that birthed the nine tracks comprising Ongoing Dispute, the first Yung record in nearly five years and a compelling argument for the importance of taking your time. Following on from last September’s ‘Progress’ 7”, the album cleverly melds Silkjær’s penchant for krautrock with Zethsen’s handsome riffery and finds room for all four members to bring their influences to the table; the sweeping punk thrash of ‘Unresolver’, for example, gives way to woozy, reflective closer ‘Friends on Ice’ at the back end of the album, whilst elsewhere, the freewheeling rock and roll of ‘Above Water’ recalls Japandroids, and there’s a moody, post-punk edge to the furious ‘Such a Man’. Underlining everything is the atmospheric spectre of Killing Joke, one of the few bands that all four members of Yung cite as an inspiration.

Silkjær acknowledges that, had it not been for the difficulties the band faced in the wake of A Youthful DreamOngoing Dispute might never have been possible. “When I listen to it, I can hear a lot of that tension,” he admits. “It was a time when we were struggling financially, coming back off every tour actually owing people money rather than having made any. I can really hear the frustration that comes with an unstable economy in the songs. It was just a big, dark cloud that was hanging over our heads for a long time. We felt as if things were not going our way, and those feelings really manifest themselves on the record.

There’s more to the stormy atmosphere that runs through Ongoing Dispute than that, though, as Silkjær can attest. “I did get my own head out of my ass, for a change!” he laughs. “In the past, I’ve always written about me, and my life, and things that affected me, but this time, I started talking more about things that affect everybody. I was thinking about the things that aren’t working in the world; there are songs about those kinds of problematic structures. There’s a song on the album called ‘Dismantled’; we had to dismantle our self-image as a band to move forwards, and I had to dismantle my self-image as a songwriter, too.”

Recorded over two sessions at Dreamland Studio and the tiny, now-defunct Studio One (so-called, Silkjær jokes, because you can only fit one person in at a time) and produced by the band’s regular sound tech Neil Robert Young, Ongoing Dispute is an ode to perseverance, collaboration and triumph over adversity. It represents the dawning of a new era for the band, the one that A Youthful Dream should have, and the title, says Guldborg Tarp, perfectly encapsulates the dynamic that has driven Yung forwards, out from under that black cloud. “Ultimately, that’s what the writing of this record was – an ongoing dispute. We come in to write and we’re referencing completely different bands, but every time we wrap up a song, we’re excited about it. It reflects the lyrical side of the record, too; it’s like the last few years of coping with the world have been an ongoing dispute for us!”


1. Autobiography
2. Lust and Learning
3. Progress
4. Dismantled
5. Above Water
6. Such a Man
7. Hose it Off
8. Unsresolver
9. Friends On Ice

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