November 3, 2020

THE NIGHTMARES – ‘Give Up The Hoax’ / ‘The Falling Dream’

Special edition vinyl out Now

The Nightmares’ blood red double A-side 7” featuring new tracks ‘Give Up The Hoax’ and ‘The Falling Dream’ is out now.

 The pair of tracks are hook-filled and will wend their way into your psyche in no time. “On its surface, ‘The Falling Dream’ is a song based on a nightmare in which you are falling deep into the darkness and are unable to wake up…” says vocalist and guitarist Adam Parslow of the seemingly more  sinister of the two tracks. “But delve a little deeper,” he continues “and the true essence of the track is revealed. This is a song about searching for yourself, taking risks and finding your path in life.” 

‘Give Up The Hoax’ is also a song about  finding yourself as a person: “It’s about learning to let things go and move on. Learning to admit when you need help and move forward. Learning to concentrate on what matters. It’s a song about learning to love yourself again.”

Hailing from South Wales, The Nightmares released their debut EP, which was self-titled, in 2019, introducing the world to their compelling juxtaposition of dark and light. Harking back to the perfect pop stylings of The Cure, drawing comparisons to the likes of Interpol and New Order, the band are also unique in their specific contribution to the modern music landscape. 

Adam Parslow (Vocals & Guitar)
Eleanor Coburn (Keys)
James Mattock (Drums & Backing Vocals)
Ben T. Mainwaring (Bass)

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