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Quiet Marauder Set To Release “Tiny Men Parts” November 27th via Bubblewrap Collective | EP Feature

November 13, 2020

Quiet Marauder Set To Release New EP “Tiny Men Parts”

Due November 27th via Bubblewrap Collective

Seven years on from its initial release, Cardiff-based Quiet Marauder are set to unleash a contemporary reimagining of their record-baiting, format-stretching debut album MEN. Cut back from its original guise of 111 tracks and nearly five hours, its sister EP, ‘Tiny Men Parts’, clocks in at a much more manageable nine songs (and just over 25 minutes).

The record is set for release 27th November via Bubblewrap Collective. Tiny Men Parts’ is a celebration of Quiet Marauder’s live band over the last few years, stepping away from the lo-fi, bedroom aesthetic of their debut and embracing the bombastic rock conjured by the group as a whole.
Recorded in Rat Trap Studios with Tom Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) at the helm, the remit was to channel the sweaty joviality of a dive bar gig – something even more poignant in the context of coronavirus. This feat was accomplished with aplomb on the punk-rock bassy, bangy scuzz of previous single ‘Eggs!’ and is repeated throughout via tracks such as ‘The Business DealLucky Tonight’ and ‘I Want A Moustache, Dammit’.

These tracks and the EP as a whole, share the same thematic and lyrical concerns of its longer predecessor; a study in the darkness of toxic masculinity, lad banter and the insidiousness of gender inequality. 
1. The Business Deal
2. I Want A Moustache, Dammit
3. Roda And The Bunker
4. It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Moon
5. The Internal Monologue Date
6. Lucky Tonight
7. The Animals Are Spying On Me
8. Eggs!
9. I Want A Moustache, Dammit (Dance Remix)

Even with the darker lyrical overtones touched upon throughout the record, Quiet Marauder has this genius ability to harness their infectious energy and produce these immersive instrumentations. They mask the darker wordsmith appeal with this overall party vibe. A record that can delve into emotional layers and intensity yet still come off as fun, vibrant and immensely animated. They build on this gleeful eccentric catchy-pop whilst capturing a raw and honest outcry with a piercing punk attitude.

Business Deal starts and sets the tone for the rest of the album- an explosive effort from this unique outfit. When the additional vocals come into play on this track and you feel like you’re introduced to the magic of Quiet Marauder, this track shares a feeling of Pretty Girl Makes Graves. That ambitious intensity and accessible harmonies. This ardent beat and fierce ownership hit the audience with such force.

Quiet Marauder makes this record feel personal, the production efforts give off this loud intensity as if you too are in the room with this outfit, hearing the passionate delivery in person. That energy is effortlessly captured in every element of this album.

Throughout ‘Tiny Men Parts’ this band pushes the dynamics of their structures, their hooks, and their vocal attributes. Instantly the audience finds moments of pure escapism in the creative chaos and intelligent liberation. The album reflects this pure essence and utilizes the complimenting and far-reaching vocals of the collective which just connect to the audience and aids in the bands’ ability to provide compelling and complex compositions.

Pre-order your copy of Tiny Men Parts now-

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