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Palberta Share Second Single “Corner Stone”- Taken From New LP Due January 22nd via Wharf Cat Records

November 14, 2020
Photo Credit: Chloe Carrasco

Palberta Share “Corner Store” The Second Single From Their Highly-Anticipated New LP

Palberta5000 out January 22nd on Wharf Cat Records

Last month, the beloved NYC trio Palberta returned to announce the follow up to their breakout 2018 LP Roach Going Down, with their clear-eyed fifth album, Palberta5000 (out January 22nd, 2021 on Wharf Cat Records).

The announce was also accompanied by the release of the single “Before I Got Here,” that created a stir even by the standards of critical acclaim that have greeted the band’s earlier releases, earning comparisons to ESG and Delta 5 in The New York Times, being described as “everything great about Palberta” on NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Now the band have shared their latest single “Corner Store“, listen below:

Palberta continues to excite us, with their passionate drive and their enigmatic force behind each instrumentation. Corner Store starts with this ardent and slightly brutal biting bass tone before the delicate yet absolutely consuming complimenting vocal harmonies collide together and enrich the intricate atmosphere. Palberta show how they handle their intensity and flitter between calm and fierce.

No strangers to complex vocal arrangements, Palberta really outdo themselves on their latest track. Opening with just guitar and voices that builds to full band as the band’s three members (Nina Ryser, Ani Ivry-Block and Lily Konigsberg) continue expanding and mutating their layered harmony parts in ways both beautiful and bewildering, before eventually casting their instruments aside entirely in an extended a capella breakdown. The track is described as being full of elements that have been common to Palberta’s songwriting for some time, but are given a new depth and power here, and a confident display of Palberta’s growing mastery over their sound. 

“‘Corner Store’ is a song we’ve been playing live for a while now and has gone through many transformations over time,” Ryser explains  “It culminated in this final version once we discovered that it needed an a capella breakdown that would slowly bring us back into the groove. Though it’s a classic Palberta move to fit in a 3-part harmony whenever we get the chance, it felt crucial. This song tells a story about strolling to the corner store, a sacred place we all know and love, on a Sunday afternoon to meet your friend and you see them on the front of the Sunday Times. And once they arrive, you do a double take and say to them, ‘hey! No way! I saw you at the corner — I saw you on the front of the Sunday Times!'”

alberta5000 was recorded with Matt Lambozza (PALM, Shimmer), whose Peekskill, New York, studio is located in the original home and family lamp-store of Paul Reuben (Pee Wee Herman). Fueled by carrots, celery, radishes, and peanut-butter-and-jelly bagels, they diligently tracked Palberta5000’s well-rehearsed songs in four days, never putting down more than three takes. Lambozza’s recording and mix capture the band’s rollicking instrumentation and vocal precision.

Palberta 5000 will be released on Wharf Cat Records on January 22nd, 2021. It is available for preorder here.

1. No Way
2. Big Bad Want
3. Never To Go
4. The Cow
5. Fragile Place
6. In Again
7. Hey!
8. Red Antz
9. Summer Sun
10. Eggs n’ Bac’
11. Corner Store
12. I’m Z’done
13. Something In The Way
14. The Way That You Do
15. All Over My
16. Before I Got Here



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