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Noga Erez Shares Alternative Version of “You So Done”- Continuing The “Kids Against The Machine” Series

November 12, 2020


Shares new single “You So Done (Kids Against The Machine Vol. 3)
 Machine-free reworking of recent single “You So Done”

The latest in a series of singles from the forthcoming second album – details yet to be announced

Tel-Aviv based artist Noga Erez has shared an alternative version of “You So Done,” the third single from her forthcoming second album (details to follow).

The stripped-back reimagined live version continues the “Kids Against The Machine” series, following similarly styled reworkings of previous singles VIEWS,” and NO news on TV.

“The idea was not to use any ‘machines,’” Noga explains. “No computer, no electronic instruments.”

Noga Erez just captivates, each track and each live rendition she brings in so much momentum, creativity and always executes a flawless performance which dazzles. With You So Done this track will hook you in as you fall for the deep rhthyms and delicate yet harmonious lyrical delivery. So dramatic!

Following the sparkling sass of “VIEWS” and the irresistibly upbeat lockdown anthem “NO news on TV”Noga Erez and her collaborative partner Ori Rousso‘s latest offering “You So Done” was highly anticipated online after appearing on NBC’s Good Girls earlier this year. It sees Erez shift from outward looking political themes to personal soul-searching, opening up for a stirring track about rejection, toxic and emotionally violent relationships, and ones own inner violence.

Along with the track she shared a moving statement, saying: “At some point, exactly one year ago, I started flashing back to one of the darkest times in my life. I was young, incredibly confused and lonely… There was a moment during this period where I was actually so weak, insecure and in need of love that I was not able to step out of what I know now to be an emotionally abusive relationship.” Read the full statement HERE.

The captivating video for the original version of You So Done marks Noga’s third collaboration with Tel Aviv-based director Indy Hait and sees Noga as a puppet in a dystopian future, being violently flung to-and-fro by an unknown captor. 

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