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Late Night Final Shares New Track “Thank you” – Debut Album “A Wonderful Hope” due 11th December 2020 via PIAS

November 21, 2020
photo credit Rob Baker Ashton


The side project from Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose

Shares a new track and video, “Thank you”

Debut album, A Wonderful Hope, released on 11th December 2020 via PIAS – pre-order/save HERE

Late Night Final, the new side project from Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose, now shares the expansive opening track from his upcoming debut album, A Wonderful Hope, out on 11th December 2020 via PIAS.

Sampled from a company response accidentally triggered when using a new loop pedal, “Thank you” features the words thank you floating through a timeless synth-space, picking up the percussive pace and shifting pitch on a lonely quest for connection. 

Thank You is one of the most innovative orchestrations of our time. The simplicity of the first few notes gently building and building to a completely entrancing and complex vast soundscape. The depth of this arrangement will blow you away, the consuming notes and various elements intertwining in the ethereal environment become such a vital mix. This track clocks in just over 13 minutes and for that entire time, the listener has been transported into the creative world crafted by Late Night Final. The intensity of the developing and dynamic deliverance differs so effortlessly as the track flows, carefully injecting moments of intense surges to a sudden minimal wave. As the power weaves through the compelling journey and the soundbites shimmer, Late Night Final packs this electronic exploration with rich harmonies and emotional attachment.

This single defies this artist, their profound vision for crafting such illustrious compositions will mesmerize, this single confirms that the forthcoming debut will be a record for our time.

Written during this year’s lockdown, the album was born out of a deep rooted yearning to connect with other humans and a need to do something creative and regain some sense of control. “We were working on the next Public Service Broadcasting album when the restrictions hit,” says Willgoose. “All of our equipment was stuck in a different country and we were unable to meet up. I’ve always wanted to explore a more meditative sound, inspired by Brian Eno, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and KLF’s seminal ‘Chill Out’ album. This felt like the perfect opportunity.” 

The 45 minutes of music that grew out of his lockdown reflect the make-do-and-mend attitude of the period: listen out for the distorted sound of his baby’s metal rattle played backwards on track two and samples from his local park on the fourth and final track. Willgoose also explores theories of random music generation as well as the human capacity for hope. 

“We will find our way back to a world in which live music will happen again. But I’m less optimistic in person than I am on record. Music allows me to express hopes I find difficult to acknowledge in everyday life. I made this whole album picturing a dance tent at 4am or a room late at night, full of people, movement and warmth and all the joy that that can bring. It feels like I was sending signals out into space.” 

“Thank you” follows the release of the first single, “The Human Touch”, featuring the Cardiff-based soundscape artist, Teddy Hunter, along with a video created by Nic Finch which you can watch here.

Pre-order/save here

1. Thank You

2. A Wonderful Hope

3. The Human Touch [ft. Teddy Hunter]

4. Slow Release

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