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Lande Hekt Releases New Single “Undone”

November 18, 2020


Releases New Single ‘Undone

Lande Hekt has released a further glimpse of her beautifully poignant debut album ‘Going to Hell’, which is set for release 22 Jan 2021 via Get Better Records.

A driven but wistful composition, new single ‘Undone’ is full of longing and regret. In typically relatable style, Lande says “This one is about feeling sorry for yourself when you break up with someone that you weren’t even going out with.”

With“Undone” Lande utilizes the high pitched notes and melodic vocal harmony to captivate the audience. The lyrics are a truthful tale that we can all relate to, the lyrical journey provides a deep emotional connection to the audience. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all experienced the emotions, everyone can understand “Undone”. With the ringing harmonies of the instrumentation and the fierce riffs and crashing drum cymbals and bountiful fills, the seemingly sunny projection just lifts the track. As you embrace every element of the track when it abruptly ends, you are left with a cathartic experience needing to hit repeat.

‘Whiskey’ was the first track to be released from the personal and intimate journey that is ‘Going to Hell’. A song about Lande’s experience learning how to come to terms with being gay, it’s about realising that pretending you’re not gay can’t go on forever. The accompanying heart-warming music video was masterfully shot by Lande’s long-term collaborator Martyna Wisniewska (@gingerdope) and is an intimate portrayal of Lande’s love with her girlfriend Lucy.

Coming out is the prevailing topic of the record with the title track itself being “about how homophobia and heteronormative culture can make you feel isolated and scared of being yourself,” as Hekt herself explains her thoughts and feelings surrounding her sexuality, continuing: “I internalised a lot of that culture for a long time and it wasn’t until I found myself surrounded by queer and trans people and friends, that I realised I could live happily in a way that felt right. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this and it was other people sharing their experiences with me that helped me out, so I named the album after this song to try and reach people who might want to be reached. It’s also not a dig on all Catholics; it’s just an expression of scepticism from a gay person regarding conservatism.”

‘Going to Hell’ sounds like the sum of Hekt’s wide-ranging influences – The Replacements, The Raincoats, Sharon Van Etten, The Slits, Patti Smith, Sacred Paws, Le Tigre, Against Me! – multiplied by her own distinct voice.


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