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Karhide Releases New Album “Erasable Assignments” – Out Now

November 13, 2020

Karhide Releases New Album “Erasable Assignments”

Out Now

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, these stressful times call for something to take you away from the real madness of day to day life. Karhide, today, have released their new 8 track album which is destined to hypnotize their audience and lift them into their musical world of mystical trances and a new consuming atmosphere which will move you for the entire album. A record that you are destined to find comfort in, as you escape to their ethereal environment.

On Erasable Assignments, Karhide’s approach to the guitar is much more expansive, sketching out scopic vistas, the guitar a texture at times indistinguishable from the myriad synths and pads on tracks like album centrepiece “Walker Circulation”.

Each track intricately builds layer upon layer, meandering through various passages of intensity to calmer waves of delicate instrumentation. Karhide has a knack for creating vast lush atmospheres that play on well-crafted dynamic shifts and climactic crescendos. This dreamy world keeps you on your toes as the softer tones can suddenly creep into deep crypts of darker notes and tones adding to the expansive yet exploratory territory. The record deserves to be appreciated in its entirety to embrace the flawless twists of sweet beauty to gargantuan moments of enveloping sound and at its core breathtaking organic orchestrations. 

A cathartic listen and engaging experience, 8 stunning creations making one strong and vital record.



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