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Hunter Ellis Releases New Single “Hard To Say”

November 19, 2020

Hunter Ellis Releases New Single “Hard To Say

Hunter Ellis has returned with new stunning new single “Hard To Say”, the new release is taken from Hunter’s upcoming album “Face Tapes”, which was recorded at his own studio during quarantine.

Hunter Ellis is an artist we’ve been infatuated with since we were first introduced in 2014. Hunter’s releases and musical involvements have come a long way. The new arrangement leaves us extremely excited for the forthcoming album.

“Hard To Say” portrays the progression of maturity from this captivating artist. Intricate guitar sweeps, gentle plucks and a fierce injection of experimentation are found within the first few notes of this standout new single. The new arrangement is a softer exploration for this creative but exudes an offbeat, eclectic beauty. Captured in the dreamy notes, contagious chimes, developing and enriched melodies. The composition meanders to an intense crescendo before the reflective finish. Hunter has the ability to create music that feels personal.

This really is a sweeping anthem. Hunter has created a euphoric soundscape, driven by his masterful guitar playing and unmistakable vocals. The entire arrangement is an enlightening listen, especially with the heartfelt soundbite at the finale.



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