November 6, 2020
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Liverpool quartet Hannah’s Little Sister share the grungy, helter-skelter video for recent chaotic anti-capitalist call-to-arms ‘Gum’.

With the release of the single they announced debut EP – ‘EP.mp3′ – for November 20th via Heist or Hit (Her’sPizzagirlBrad Stank), and gained support from StereogumBrooklyn Vegan and DIY Magazine.

Gum’ is a wild ride. Skittish rhythms teetering over the edge, psychotic Jack-in-the-box synths and manic, yelped vocals are the chief ingredients of the psychedelic stew. However, amongst the madness, lead vocalist Meg Grooters finds crystal clarity in the anti-establishment message: 

“Gum is another sort of rant (oops!) about consumerism and how it’s constantly distracting us from ourselves and from the state of our society/country/government/world etc. – all of the things!  

I wrote it to remind myself there’s a difference between what I want and need, and what I’m being told or shown I should want or need.  

We’re encouraged by the Big Boys in power to become addicted to materialistic things and social media, because it’s a great way of keeping us under control as a society that continues to put money in a small number of very rich people’s pockets. 

Whether it’s social media, new trends, cool clothes or whatever, they’re vices pushed upon us that keep us pretty mind numbed and depressed. Yet we cling on to them in the false belief that these things can provide us with greater happiness or status, and help us climb up the socioeconomic ladder.” 

The perfect experimental pop exploration, this rapid track emerges itself as one of the most energetic and immense listens. Hannah’s Little Sister provides completely compelling arrangements that are unique, fun, and alluring.

Whereas the dress up couture, sketchball storylines and freakadelic artwork exudes a space cadet vibe, the band themselves are very self-aware and grounded. The surreal world they’ve built is used as a way of sending up the music industry, as well as the corporate structures in the crosshairs across ‘Gum’ – whilst also accepting that as individuals it is hard to disassociate from it: 

“I get so frustrated at myself when I spend hours scrolling through a timeline, knowing I’ve just drained a bunch of my energy and wasted time on something useless that didn’t make me feel very good. But we’re all pushed and pressured to do so and honestly I’m probably still going to do it again a couple of days later. It’s an addiction and it’s easy.  

More than that, it prevents us from noticing, caring or becoming too vocal about the more severe injustices surrounding our society, such as racism or sexism, or the wealth gap in this country.  

Government, financers and big corporations bank on these addictions and insecurities that keep us from feeling powerful enough to try and change that and I hate it. We’re knowingly brain washed and we all feel powerless to change a fake world we’ve accepted and I just think it’s NAFF. So go pirate our single!!”  

This sound was aided in achievement by rising producer Saam Jafarzadeh, also responsible for helping to build the transportive sonic worlds of fellow Merseysiders Her’s and Brad Stank

The band originally started turning heads with debut single ‘20’ – a fizzing shock from the blue that earned them champions at The GuardianThe Line of Best Fit and Clash Magazine. A sort of LoFi gap year took place after that, the group taking time to hone their sound and anarchic stage show, up to the point that the unique power of controlled chaos is but a finger click away. 

Hannah’s Little Sister are Meg Grooters (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, the colour Green), Will Brown (Drums, Ciggies), Nina Himmelreich (Bass, Vocals, German) and Ashley Snook (Guitar, Vocals, Gossip). 

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