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Dave Masters Set To Release New EP “Moods” November 20th via Better Looking Records

November 8, 2020

Dave Masters Set To Release New EP “Moods”

November 20th via Better Looking Records

Dave Masters has announced forthcoming EP “Moods” due for release November 20th 2020 via Better Looking Records.

Dave Masters’ “Moods” is a series of ambient drone pieces meant to capture less structured moments in time rather than the refined post-rock instrumental music he has created over the last 15 years as a founding member of Signal Hill.  These experimental ambient tracks are composed from very short 1-2 second guitar clips, and heavily processed live and on the fly, almost impossible to replicate again, capturing the mood for one singular moment.  

Dave Masters "Reflective" video teaser from Better Looking Records on Vimeo.

The forthcoming 5 track release is easily one of the most consuming EPs we’ve discovered in a long time. Dave has crafted a standout stunning ambient record that flows through each arrangement showcasing Dave’s ability to weave vital electronic elements and these creative components into this far-reaching immersive aura that is destined to mesmerize any listener.

Moods Track Listing

  1. Despair
  2. Reflective
  3. Pensive
  4. Tense
  5. Lonely

Let it be known that with Moods, Dave Masters has created these immense instrumentations that delicately reflect their own song titles, Dave has delivered these moods within his outlook and flawlessly attached these emotions to his explorations. Despair commences the EPs journey and from that first elongated note pushing into this complex yet far-reaching atmosphere, you are hooked. This expansive ambiance continues to build slowly but surely, added notes, tones and feeling is captured in this cosmic creation. With the lower frequencies building upon each breathtaking layer, there is a sense of real emotion being delivered through each sound wave. This air of true human touch and connection shines through the melodies.

Reflective follows and although shorter in length the atmospheric pressures of this track intensifies for a sharper surge of this oscillating soundscape. Pensive shares this brighter essence found in the twinkling ostinato melody building traction throughout. These shimmering notes carry such volume to the dynamic deliverance and break up the intense environment and alters the mood entirely. Tense brings in a battle between these darker surges and softer shimmers, the notes feel sharper and more aggressive yet the tone throbs underneath which assists with the power of this arrangement. Finally Lonely ends this record and the shorter yet softer appeal to this track highlights just how the colossal the soundscape of this entire record is, layers upon layers of these intricate notes and elements.

The record in it’s entirety feels like a catharotic experiemence. It’s expansive drone that resembles the experiementaion of a Eno record but feels refreshingly fresh and complex. A beautiful release.



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