November 29, 2020
photo by Pedro Roque


Brazilian psych-noise power trio Deafkids confirmed on the long list of artists appearing on the soundtrack for dystopian role-playing video game Cyberpunk 2077, set for release on December 10th.

Joining the likes of Run The Jewels, Converge, Tomb Mold, Grimes, Rad Boy, HEALTH, and many others. Across the two-part soundtrack, each artist/group takes on fictional personas that their 2077 selves would play, and Deafkids’ song “Selva Pulsátil” features for the in-game artist/pseudonym Tainted Overlord. 

The soundtrack shall be released across all digital platforms in two stages surrounding the release of the game, the first volume, in which the Deafkids track shall appear, arrives December 11th, the day after the game is released.  Followed by the second instalment on December 18th. 

“We are very stoked to be part of this soundtrack, together with a load of great artists!,”  Deafkids collectively state, continuing, “turns out a developer working on the game digs our stuff, so they, in a really nice way, invited us to participate. We’ve felt really honoured with the opportunity to be part of this awesome and huge thing, touching and moving many people in the gaming universe across the world. Many people had already regarded our sound as being somewhat quite dystopian and ‘cyberpunkish,’ and we’ve felt this whole aesthetic landscape really matched our sonic explorations. We wrote these songs trying to reach something that could be contemporary to this setting, creating an urban, yet primordial mood – something we feel that ends up having a lot to do with the aesthetic and tone that emanate from the many different cultures of Night City! We couldn’t be more proud of representing Brazil and Latin America on this selection!”

 Deafkids also just released the first in a series of digital EPs, Ritos do Colapso Vol. I, exploring new sounds and experimenting/recording while unable to tour.

The band says, “Ritos do Colapso Vol. I is the first in a new series of experiments in the format of digital EPs that we will be releasing during the COVID-19 pandemic era throughout the Bandcamp Fridays, available for streaming and digital purchase. We really appreciate all the support coming from you all and we hope you enjoy these weird new themes during these weird times of collapse of democracy, justice, reality, and our nervous system.”

Deafkids will take part in the Brazilian festival Novas Frequências 10th edition – the main international event on experimental music and sound explorations from South America – presenting their exclusive video-art piece “Código Pictorial,” which will take place online with free access at Novas Frequências website on December 3rd at 8pm in Brazil. 

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