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Blood Wizard Share New Single “Fruit”- Debut Album Due 5th March via Moshi Moshi Records

November 30, 2020




Frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns, now known as Blood Wizard, has released new track ‘Fruit’, taken from his upcoming debut album Western Spaghetti out 5th March 2021 via Moshi Moshi Records.

‘Fruit’ personifies the secret resent you have for the people around you who are seemingly doing better than you. “Hooray to the big news, got my mouth around the spoilt fruit” sighs Burns with a satirical air to it. A trademark wryness permeates his singing, but never at the expense of his brutal honesty.

Cai says about the track: “Fruit is a sarcastic “hooray to the big news” to everyone around you that all the good things seem to be happening to. It’s about trying to keep it sweet on the surface and hiding the bitterness inside”.

The new track will become your new obsession. The rhythmic exploration exudes this crucial urgency. The track is built on these delicate layers with these crisp yet soft vocal tones captivating the audience with the raw lyrics. This track is compelling and utterly addictive. Reflective lyrics and the emotive anguish resonates in the standout harmonies that provide this charismatic complexities within the arrangement. Hit repeat, you need to!

The track also further demonstrates Cai’s songwriting prowess, which is found in abundance on debut album Western Spaghetti. Filled with crisp hooks and quick-witted storytelling, it is an album that has a predominant folk undertone that also expertedly navigates through various textures and dark melodies. There’s an atypicality to the songs’ structures, a tightening and loosening – like breathing – between harder-edged sounds and more softly acoustic wanderings.

‘Western Spaghetti’ Tracklist:

  1. Breaking Even
  2. Halo 
  3. Fruit
  4. Mother’s Illusion
  5. Total Depravity 
  6. One Smile Too Many
  7. Carcrash
  8. Bob’s Big Arms
  9. Somehow I Knew
  10. The Gloom

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