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Apollo Noir Releases New Album “Weapons” – Out Now Via Tigersushi Records & Santé Records

November 27, 2020

Apollo Noir Releases New Album “Weapons” – Out Now Via Tigersushi Records & Santé Records

Grasping at the final few weeks of 2020, Apollo Noir has dropped his outstanding new record “Weapons” and in our opinion redeemed this historical year with a new runner for album of the year. The 9 track experimental record is out now via Tigersushi Records & Santé Records and streaming below.

Apollo Noir has created the most ardent atmosphere throughout the entire album’s journey. From the first track the audience is pulled into this intense experience with the most hard-hitting and powerful instrumentations. Each track carefully crafted and layered up from it’s first note, if it’s not the introduction of electronic elements, new tweaks and sounds, manipulating these dance beats or just general sound manipulation, Apollo Noir has created an album full of substance and long-lasting appeal.

Apollo Noir crafts such immersive instrumentations, Weapons is an abrasive yet deeply alluring record. It showcases the marriage of Apollo Noir’s signature complex crafts as they are intricately developed and modified throughout, at its core Apollo Noir has created this sonic sculpture. The album meanders through dark voids, crushing elements and abrasive angular sharp notes. Whilst some tracks focus on this dancefloor pugilism as the root of its movement, others draw on the enveloping drone soars and hypnotic arpeggiation that flows effortlessly into the fierce rhythms of this album. Apollo Noir carefully controls the intensity of the record throughout, at times these aggressive elements consume the audience before Apollo Noir breaks his own wall of sound by delving further into softer yet sweeping waves.

Weapons is an almighty exploration which will wreak havoc on your senses. The jarring twists and turns awaken your emotive tendencies to leave such a bold and daring impression. The magnitude of the soundscape created and maintained throughout the albums journey is easily one of the most impressive orchestrations yet. A soaring and sensational masterpiece.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4ltdtRBUlN4xym6T6Isnng…

Apple: https://music.apple.com/fr/album/weapons/1536049592

Bandcamp: https://santerecords.bandcamp.com/…/apollo-noir-weapons…


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