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Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres Shares New Single “Dance”

November 1, 2020
Photo by Mich Rose & Art Direction by Andre Kamienski
Electronic classical composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres
shares new single ‘Dance’

Debut album ‘2 Years Stranger’ 
out November 20th

Dance’ is the first single to be taken from ‘2 Years Stranger’,the debut album by Bristol-based classical electronic artist and film composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres (Manners McDade). The album was written as a way of processing a very traumatic two-year journey.
In 2017, much like so many of us in 2020, Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres found herself in limbo. Her dad had fallen ill with ARDS, a severe type of respiratory failure, and sepsis. As a result, he was induced into a coma, to arrest the immediate failure of his organs. Alexandra found herself alone in her family home, her dad suspended in a state between life and death in France, surrounded by his possessions and a lot of time to ruminate of the fragility of life.
By way of processing the rollercoaster of fear, sadness, hope and alienation she was feeling, Alexandra started making recordings on her childhood piano, a musical diary of sorts. These recordings became not only a tool for healing but the beginnings of a bigger project. Despite not having the energy or brain space to do anything with them at the time, these piano recordings would eventually become her debut album, 2 Years Stranger’. “When listening back to the recordings one day, I found that they told the story of those two years” says Alexandra. “Some I left really raw and some I reworked and recorded again. This then became the basis for making my debut album”.

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres · Dance

It’s clear that Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres exudes all their passion and emotional ties into each note of “Dance“. A vividly striking orchestration. “Dance” is destined to move you, this compelling piece yearns to resonate to the audience. The delicate yet daunting keys exude such power, the ability to craft such beautiful and honest instrumentation that connects to the listener and draws their attention through the sublime atmospherical elements. Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres effortlessly controls the intensity and the dynamic deliverance in her expressive craft.

As a composer for film, notably working with  BAFTA-nominated director Douglas King and recently completing her debut feature soundtrack, Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres is no stranger to storytelling through music. ‘Dance’ tells the story of the freedom Alexandra found through reconnecting with her passion for contemporary dance, after being encouraged by her friends to join them for a show. “Movement relieves the inner tension” says Alexandra.  “Focusing on your body makes your mind feel free. You reconnect with yourself and through that connect with other people”.
Though at times heavy and often moving, this is a story of healing. The ultimate message being one of hope, human connectivity and art carrying us through challenging times. This notion runs deep throughout the album, it’s even printed on their record’s cover in the form of a stunning still-life portrait of her dad’s SABR treatment mask taken by the man himself. A fitting emblem of resilience, this is an incredibly bold and honest debut.

‘2 Years Stranger’ is out on November 20th via Manners McDade (Nils Frahm, Max Cooper). A limited run of the album is available to pre-order on bandcamp on ecomix 12″ vinyl. Made from the leftover pellets from other vinyl runs. This means every single record will be individually coloured when pressed and truly unique with only 150 copies for sale.

PRE-ORDER: https://ah-a.bandcamp.com/album/2-years-stranger

‘2 Year Stranger’ Tracklist
Sink Into Another World
In Out One
In Out Two
One More


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