A.S. Fanning Shares New Single “All Time”

November 3, 2020

A.S. Fanning Shares New Single All Time

Multi-instrumentalist A.S. Fanning – aka Stephen Fanning – returns with the release of his idiosyncratic new album You Should Go Mad, due for release on 13th November 2020 via Proper Octopus Records.

Ahead of the release of his A.S. Fanning has shared his poignant new single All Time, out now via Proper Octopus Records.

Fanning combines gothic, psychedelic and folk-rock sensibilities on the album in order to create a sound that is richly resonant and eloquently dark. Title track and upcoming single You Should Go Mad uses foreboding lyricism and layered sonic synth textures throughout, creating an assertively endearing sound as a result. Fanning’s impassioned baritone vocal soars effortlessly across the carefully crafted album, sounding instantly reminiscent of the likes of The National’s Matt Berninger or The HorrorsFaris Badwin

All Time is such a harrowing arrangement. This charisma oozes from the brooding vocal harmonies of A.S Fanning. The baritone notes and the dark expanisve intensity from this melodic appeal will captivate anyone.

Talking about the single, Fanning explains, All Time is a song about love and acceptance. Or maybe love and mercy, to borrow a line from Brian Wilson. I wrote it very quickly one night, it just sort of fell out fully formed, as sometimes happens. I was thinking about Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, and the idea of being ‘unstuck in time’. And relating that to my own mental rifling through past incidents and projections of the future, which is obviously a waste of time and energy, but something I engage in quite frequently. I suppose the song is a sort of meditation, of trying to step back from all that and meet things from moment to moment, with some sense of permanence and acceptance.”

A.S Fanning’s album You Should Go Mad is out on 13th November 2020 via Proper Octopus Records.

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