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Varsity Star Releases ‘Headphones Kid’ Inwards Remix | Single Stream

October 28, 2020

Varsity Star Releases ‘Headphones Kid’

Inwards Remix

Brooklyn-based electronic musician and audiovisual artist Varsity Star has today unveiled a new remix of their track ‘Headphones Kid’, with Small Pond Records’ Inwards re-working the release.

We are delighted to unveil the track streaming below-

Small Pond Recordings · Headphones Kid (Inwards Edit)

Headphones Kid starts and immediately captures your full attention. There’s a serious chill vibe exuding from this intricate rework.

Varsity Star and Inwards are the perfect collaborative pair, having already worked together earlier this summer with Varsity Star re-working one of Inwards tracks for the Bright Serpents Remixes release.

With their latest collobration reworking Headphones Kid- the pair effortlessly craft this arrangement into something unique. The first 56 seconds in, paves the way for the intensity of this track. You can hear the creation building upon it’s layers to create a cosmic kaleidoscopic instrumentation. Then a sudden dynamic change tweaks the atmosphere that was so solid beforehand, a small break of the intesnsity leads to the additional rhtyhms and moreish melody that comes into play and engulfs you.

More elements; tweaks, tones and key notes are introduced into this expansive exploration driving the momentum of ‘Headphones Kid’. The tempo of this hypnotic riff and the power of it amps up and emotionally connects and charges to the audience.

A deeply compelling piece.

You can also hear the piece streaming now on spotify-

The single itself was originally released in June earlier this year before appearing as the final track on Varsity Star‘s flawless 8 track record “There’s Something”– listen here –

https://www.instagram.com/varsity.star/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/4EbSc50zkOhLL9lCWmop2T https://www.facebook.com/pg/varsitystarmusic/


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