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Tugboat Captain Set To Release New Album “Rut” October 16th

October 14, 2020

Tugboat Captain Set To Release New Album “Rut” October 16th

We are so excited for the incredible adventure that indie pop quartet Tugbboat Captain are about to embark on. This Friday, October 16th, the band are about to release their forthcoming debut studio album “Rut”.

The 4 piece are set to release one of the most profound debut records of our time. The record is described as being grand, symphonic baroque-pop record. Tugboat Captain spent the last year secretly using free studio hours at Abbey Road, inviting a wide variety of friends and collaborators to feature on the new album out this October 16th on Glaswegian label Double A-Side Records.

Tugboat Captain consists of: Alexander Sokolow – Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Vocals, Percussion and Vocals. Joshua Cobb – Plectrum Bass, Plucked Bass, Tenor Trombone and Vocals. Buddy Caderni – Nord Piano, Nord Synth, Nord Organ, Nord Vocals and Nord Bassoon. Georgia Mancey – Snare drum, Hi-Hat, Floor Tom, Kick drum, Crash, Ride, Splash.

Rut Track Listing

  1. Check Ur Health
  2. If Tomorrow’s Like Today
  3. Figure It Out
  4. No Plans (For This Year) 04:18
  5. C’mon! Haribo?
  6. Downward Slope
  7. Come Dig Me Out
  8. Damned Right
  9. Rut…Waking Hour
  10. Everything About You
  11. Day To Day

From the first note of the album opener “Check Ur Health”, the insanely captivating Tugboat Captain‘s charm is unleashed to the audience. This charm wraps around each musical note and lyric throughout the entire album and embellishes the gripping persona of this sensational outfit. The first track is a euphoric exploration, the consuming and enigmatic soundscape is built up throughout the journey and is filled with powerful lyrics and elevated vocal harmonies. This air of euphory continues throughout each orchestration.

Frontman Alexander Sokolow already devours you as a wordsmith and with influences of The Beatles and resemblance to Man Man, Alexander’s possessive abilities, connect to the listener. As the record flows effortlessly throughout the 11 tracks, Tugboat Captain have mastered their own ability to craft infectious melodies and capture the pure energy each musician conveys, that energy is reflected in the newly recorded material.

At each turn, the dynamics of this album alter and the band cover so much ground in each arrangement. With serious lyrical depth throughout the record, at times touching on darker subjects, the fact that the lyrics are shared in such a warm and expansive environment, the elated instrumentation projects the ambiance of these compositions to a more upbeat, fulfilling, and slightly contrast atmosphere.

Rut” goes from strength to strength and showcases the brilliance of the songwriting talents and how Tugboat Captain work together to create such big soundscapes, capturing their ability to assemble and deliver such tantalizing tracks in a whimsical environment. “Rut” ends on a high, the powerful record provides such relatable and heartfelt anthemic arrangements.




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