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Tele Novella Announce New Album ‘Merlynn Belle’ Due 5th February on Kill Rock Stars + Share New Single “Technicolor Town”

October 24, 2020

Tele Novella Announce New Album ‘Merlynn Belle’ Due 5th February on Kill Rock Stars + Share New Single “Technicolor Town”

Tele Novella have announced their new album Merlynn Belle due out February 5, 2021, their first release with Kill Rock Stars.  It is a collection that respites in-country meshed with a sentimental indie-folk shimmer. The dizzying collection is a homespun bricolage pulling from influences as diverse as cowboy troubadours and folk baroque. As frontwoman Natalie Ribbons’ voice ranges from candlelit whispers to coyote howls, there’s an honesty and vulnerability that underlies every word. “This is the first time I just let the songs be about real life… real people,” she says.

Tele Novella came together when Natalie Ribbons, who owns a vintage shop, and Jason Chronis, who collects rare records, were each making music in separate projects at the time (Agent Ribbons, Voxtrot, Belaire). Self-described as “medieval outsider country”, now they release lead single “Technicolor Town,” putting their vintage twangy touch on a longing love song. 

Natalie describes the song as “A soft, sparkly and tender meditation on the deep love of place, regardless of how inhospitable it may be.  A tipsy, coin-operated ode to being lost and found at the same time.  Part lonesome western and part Renaissance Faire, presented with a straight face and humble sincerity.”

The new sublime single plods on its own quaint pace whilst the intensity spikes as the power is ruptured through the divine vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentation of this gentle yet consuming release. “Technicolor Town” creates its own delicate atmosphere that forces the audience to slow down and embrace the melody that Tele Novella ambitiously conveys. The new track is riveting and emotionally charged, the howling vocal notes will leave you in awe. The composition feels like an honest portrayal of life fitted with organic textures and tones.

It can be easy to lose sight of real people, whether out on an endless highway, or confronted with the endless possibilities of making music today. Painstakingly assembled using a blend of hi-fi and lo-fi recording gear, Tele Novella have crafted a cohesive pop record that feels equal parts mysterious, evocative, heartfelt, and sincere. The band has carved out their own unique pop-infused medieval-tonk style that sounds at times like the Old West possessed by the spirit of the Old World. 


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