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Swallow Cave Set To Release New Single “Cold Moon” 20th October via Sad Club Records | Single Special

October 18, 2020
Photo Credit: Chelsey Cliff

Swallow Cave Set To Release New Single “Cold Moon” 20th October via Sad Club Records

Rising all-girl Bristolian band Swallow Cave reflect on mental health with the latest single ‘Cold Moon’ out 20th October via Sad Club Records. Swallow Cave consists of Polly (guitar/voice), Florrie (lead guitar), Sarah (bass) and Isobel (drums).

Artwork: Sarah Currie

‘Cold Moon‘ instantly moves you, it grips you from the sudden intense environment that Swallow Cave have crafted. This infectious riff plods to the driving beat as the vocal harmony sweeps through to emotionally connect to the audience. Somehow despite the soothing vocal pitches, the overall tone with the marching beat screams an essence of isolation. Swallow Cave have made a conscious effort to provide organic textures and vivid lyrics in order to unite their experience with any listener.

Ample effects and tweaks are added to the atmosphere, shimmering guitar notes brush through this journey and aid in the immersive movement of “Cold Moon”.  This exploration exudes a feeling of cinematic quality found in the bold instrumentation and the darker, raw lyrics. Swallow Cave carefully curate these sophisticated layers whilst the seductive melodies projecting such intimate lyrics, this just captivates.  These intricate layers add more intensity throughout, hinting impending change to the dynamics of this arrangement but when the power strikes back at the softer passages of this track, the emotive appeal just resonates.

‘Cold Moon’ is a single with soaring harmonies and jangly guitars, with darker overtones prevailing through. It comments on their own struggle with mental illness and excessive thoughts at night.

Lead singer polly comments: “Cold Moon is about feeling really low and going to the darkest places in your mind, which for me is often late at night, and then the next morning feeling everything with kind of heightened senses and disbelief that my mind could have gotten that low the night before, but then inevitably goes back to again.”  Although the overriding theme is about a mental struggle, Swallow Cave hope that listeners will grasp on the underlying euphoric element building towards the end, and let that leave a sweet taste in their mouth.

 ‘Cold Moon’ was recorded with producer Ali Chant who worked previously with the likes of PJ Harvey, Soccer Mommy and Katy J Pearson. Of the recording process, Florrie notes about the freedom they were given to explore their own ideas: “Working with Ali was really great because he was giving us room to try out all our ideas, even the silly ones, it was very loose in that way. It was kind of child-like, we explored with those innocent thoughts you get and injected some of that into the recording process. When we had this idea of creating some abstract noise loop at the end of Cold Moon, we wanted to use the space echo and somehow make a loop with it. Ali has this beautiful piano that he recorded through a dictaphone and then played back through the space echo, and just perfectly slid into the end bringing some intensity, it was great.”

Listen to the release from 20th October –

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