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Sen Morimoto Shares Video For “Jupiter” + Releases New LP

October 24, 2020
Photo by Dennis Elliott

Sen Morimoto

Shares Video for ‘Jupiter’ Directed By His Brother Yuya Morimoto 

The Sen Morimoto LP Out Now Via His Own Sooper Records

The Chicago multi-instrumentalist composer/rapper/artist/activist Sen Morimoto has now delivered his highly anticipated self-titled second album available via the burgeoning Chicago label Sooper Records (of which Morimoto is a co-owner).

The album features Chicago indie scene mainstays Lala Lala, NNAMDÏ, KIANA, Joseph Chilliams, Qari, National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson, and Japanese electronic musician AAAMYYY.

It arrives with a nostalgia-filled video for album standout Jupiter directed by his brother Yuya Morimoto. Sen explains:

‘”I sang a song at 6 years old, I didn’t know yet what it meant” I sing as the band starts up ‘Jupiter’. We’re live in Japan and I’m thrilled to look out into the audience but when I sing this lyric, all I see is my life in a series of flashing lights, suddenly I’m swimming by portals to memories, unable to make time to stop. I’m swimming towards something but I’m not sure what. The video utilizes live footage from our tour in Japan and old family footage of myself to visualize where my mind goes when I’m singing this song.’

Yet again another single which will leave us in awe. Sen Morimoto continues to defy boundaries and build on his unique outlook. Always providing a fresh take, a bold vibe and the ability to craft enchanting orchestrations.

Sen is a mainstay of the Chicago music scene after only moving to the city six years ago on a whim. Be it in indie, in Jazz as a member of the acclaimed Reservoir ensemble, in R&B as the music director for KAINA, in hip hop through his work with Pivot Gang. Beyond that, he’s an active member within the city’s thriving poetry scene and a respected activist. This past summer, he went toe to toe with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her handling of the BLM protests. His efforts were recognised on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

Listen to Sen Morimoto:

The new record will provide a deeply compelling journey for the listener. Each arrangement flutters and alternates the dynamics throughout. The record exudes honesty, tender trance-like explorations give off a humble element and the album is seriously addictive. Subversive lyrics and brooding electronic instrumentation simply captivate. The soft and lush vocals present throughout assists with the chilled aura, the moreish melodies are captured within the reflective lyrics which allure the listener with its soulful execution. This complex composition focuses on the layers of experimental elements added to the whirling atmosphere created from scratch, yet it’s the powerful vocal delivery that moves you. The sincere and intimate notes resonate that sublime and soulful power.

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