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Sen Morimoto Releases Final Single ‘Jupiter’ From Forthcoming Self-Titled LP

October 8, 2020
Photo by Sam Fuehring 

Sen Morimoto

Sen Morimoto releases final single ‘Jupiter’ from forthcoming self-titled LP

The Sen Morimoto LP releases October 23rd via his own Sooper Records

Sen Morimoto‘s self-titled album is out later this month (10/23/20 via his Sooper Records), and now he’s making one last offering from it for ‘Jupiter‘. It’s fitting that it serves as the album closer, as Sen explains: “Jupiter is a song about pausing to consider and appreciate the scope of your life and experiences. Sometimes it’s easier to make sense of all the confusion in terms you might have understood as a child; how did that song go? ‘Boys go to Jupiter…'”

 You can watch Sen perform the album with a 9 person band in its entirety via the Audiotree Presents “Staged” series live from Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

Tickets to the show can be purchased here

Yet again another single which will leave us in awe. Sen Morimoto continues to defy boundaries and build on his unique outlook. Always providing a fresh take, a bold vibe and the ability to craft enchanting orchestrations.

‘Jupiter’ follows “The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme,” “Woof,” and “Deep Down ft. AAAMYYY” – three other standouts from the album. The album is available on October 23rd and features Lala Lala, NNAMDÏ, KAINA, Joseph Chilliams, Qari, and more. Sen has been in the news frequently over the past months for his activism. His criticism of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s handling of the Chicago protests led to pressure to remove him from Chicago’s Millennium Park At Home Series. The story subsequently made the front page of the Chicago Tribune. Sen later released the session meant for Chicago’s Millennium Park At Home Series and released the audio via Bandcamp Friday to raise over $1,000.00 for The Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project.


Love, Money Pt. 2
Symbols, Tokens
Butterflies Ft. KAINA
Deep Down Ft. AAAMYYY
Tastes Like It Smells Ft. Lala Lala, Kara Jackson, Qari
 Wrecked Ft. NNAMDÏ
Daytime But Darker
The Things I Thought About You Started To Rhyme
The Box ft. Joseph Chilliams
You Come Around
Nothing Isn’t Very Cool

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