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Plastic Estate Share “This Place” Separate Ways Remix | Single/ Video Special

October 30, 2020

Plastic Estate Share “This Place” Separate Ways Remix

Single/ Video Special

Cardiff based Plastic Estate are an act that we can’t get enough of right now, the band have evolved and resurfaced as a duo and have had a triumphant year releasing new singles, managing to get some live shows in at the start of this year and this summer the pair released their new  7″ release This Place/Have You Ever?’  out 19th June via Avant! Records. We described the band as sensational and a must-hear and we stand by this.  

Plastic Estate craft complex yet versatile orchestrations- they know how to hook their audience with their industrious vibes.Plastic Estate channel a mix of New Order, White Lies, Depeche Mode and The Cure to name a few. And the resemblance may be a pull to their deliverance but it’s their own unique take on alt new-wave which engages us all to our core

Today, the band unveils a new collaboration, teaming up with Separate Ways, the US creative artist on Burning Rose Records. Separate Ways have put their own spin on Plastic Estate’s last single “This Place”, the reimagined and reworked arrangement is streaming below.

This new take on their single brings a wealth of new elements into the already expansive journey. Harsh notes, a flawless dance beat and a raw rhythm cascade from this wonderful rework. The melody moves you as the listener becomes engulfed into this far-reaching instrumentation. A truly refreshing take to this piece, introducing electronic particles to enhance to the kaleidoscopic movement, building layer upon intricate layer into this composition and exuding this fresh danceable desire.

Speaking of the new collaboration, Plastic Estate share “The remix came about as we’ve been big fans of Mac’s work for a fair while now, not just Seperate Ways, but his previous venture with Draa. We loved his sound, a sort of ‘pseudo-Club Classic’ dance feel that we just connected to straight away. So when Mac said he’d like to get involved, we were thrilled.

The visual accompaniment was made by the very talented Alice Hadley, they’re actually sketched animations of clips from our original music video for ‘This Place’ made by Aiyush Pachnanda. It’s a pastiche to the original but from a whole new perspective, much like the track.

Artwork: MacAndrew Martin

Illustration and Animation : Alice Hadley

Separate Ways comments on the collaboration:

For the overall vibe I was going for really bouncy. The chorus melody in the original track really popped to me, so I knew in the remix I wanted that to be the focal point that everything was worked around. I also played around with re-pitching and drawing in notes for the vocal, which you hear throughout the remix.

I love that the simplicity of the original left a lot of room for playing around with the arrangement, and in general what I love about remixes is that it gives you an opportunity to try and reimagine a track entirely. I had a lot of different influences coming in while working on this, but I’d like to think some of my favorite elements of disco and house make an appearance.”

Listen to This Place (Separate Ways Remix): smarturl.it/thisplaceswremix



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